Monday, December 30

Time up - 2013 !!

What’s all this mad banter about Devyani Khobragade?

If we’re only looking for a ‘feel-good’ excuse that protects our belief of self-righteousness and dignity, then we’re sadly mistaken. This issue has been blown up immensely and has zero worth in my eyes.

We’re all worried about how our Indian naari is being treated in the US despite her diplomat status. Headlines are created without using the head. Exactly how stupid is this? And how much do we respect our own countrymen anyway? We hate each other and we discriminate against each other right in our offices and streets. Why then are we so incensed about this incident abroad? Merely to make a political issue out of it?

If we really want to assert our pride and dignity, we should object to China’s repeated invasions. Then we do nothing. Yet a maid in America piques our interest. It’s so depressing. Arvind Kejriwal getting sworn in as the new CM is a news to celebrate, but everything else about India and politics is a sham.

Speaking of naari’s and shams, the 7th season of Bigg Boss is over – one thing less to talk about at meal times! Gauahar Khan has won it, which does not come as a surprise at all. She was an independent and smart woman throughout the season, and she played it well. Kudos, woman power. A lovely article to underline this victory – Time to rejoice and break all the dhakiyanoosi  bonds of traditionalism and conservatism. Read this - well said, indeed it is a brave new world.  

Today is  the last Monday of the year – how crazy is that. 2013 is almost up, and it’s been a whirlwind of activity from all quarters – professional and personal. Completed a year and half of marriage – loads of bittersweet memories. Purchased our own apartment, holidayed in Kerala, Goa and Matheran. Quit my job at IBM and joined Hitachi Consulting – joys and sorrows galore.

I would like to believe I’ve become a better person than I was, my faith sure has increased manifold in myself as well as my family and God (not in any particular order). Life’s good. I hope 2014 will be better. I really want to get a better grip on my temper. If that works, my entire life is sorted for good…

I watched Dhoom 3 and got disappointed, just like Ram Leela bombed my hopes. Can’t imagine Aamir Khan would take up and execute something so  trashy. Dhoom 1 and 2 were so much more interesting and glam. Even Katrina fades in front of Ash (oops, saasu Jaya does not approve of her bahu Aishwarya being called thus!) All said and done, it’s been a poor year for Bollywood as far as success is determined by an intelligent script and not merely box office collections.

On that note, let’s say goodbye for this year. Have a fab new year eve and be safe! Don’t drink and drive, and aim for the best :-)


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Happy New Year. Well, pertinent points raised on the issues that plagued 2013. I am happy 13' dying a silent death as it wasn't my year but looking for a better year with new hopes and aspirations.

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