Thursday, September 19

Dare... to Love

He adored her – her pretty smile, her jolly nature, her intelligent eyes and warm acknowledgement irrespective of what wit or stupidity he displayed when he opened his trap. And oh could he talk! He could keep going at it with zero response from the listener for hours. And she listened, and sometimes laughed. It sounded like shiny musical bells, the types that adorned glass windows at Christmas.

Yet, he had never been able to express his feelings for her.

He did not know if he really liked her in “that” way. He was not sure if he was brave enough to choose to be with her all his life.

After all, he sincerely believed that every person had a super power. And his was, to turn friends to acquaintances and acquaintances to strangers.

What if he lost her in a bid to get closer to her? That would break his heart. She was a very special friend, if nothing more, to him. He could not bear to be deserted by her.

And still, their meeting became infrequent. Days turned to months and then a year. Their plans to catch up never really worked out, mostly due to his unpredictable work schedule and even more unpredictable mood swings. She complained a few times and he genuinely apologized. But it was a stalemate, things never changed.

Time and tide wait for no man. Even men and women do not wait endlessly. She moved on, met another man, fell in love and got married to him.

He was shocked when he saw that she had removed him from her Facebook friends list. Unfortunately, he did not even have the right to be angry about it, after all, he had not persevered to stay in touch. He still had her number though he could not recall when he had last dialed it. He saw that her Watsapp profile picture had her gazing dreamily with twinkling eyes and flashing that dazzling smile at a guy, probably her beau.

He wished her luck in his heart. Soon after, he got married to a pretty girl from a rich family. Life moved on. But not too far. He decided to message her, just casually, the hi-hello types. Maybe be friends again…

She responded by adding him on Facebook. He was surprised. He hadn’t known her to be too forgiving. But who knows, marriage changes people.

Every time he looked at her posts and updates on social networks, he felt a sense of longing for the fun times they’d shared. She suggested that they meet as couples, but he kept evading the invitations. He was not prepared to face her with someone else by her side. He did not trust himself enough. What if his feelings for her resurfaced like a wave in the ocean that would not stay tied down? It would only result in pain and loss.

And what about his wife? She loved him as much as she could. It would not be fair.

Dilemmas. Confusions. Unanswered questions.

So many roads that reach no destination. So many flights of fancy that ended up lost and aimless.

Theirs would be another story that could have been.

Life has no patience for “could haves”. It is lived by the “I dids”.

As had she. And him.

Along with their courage, desire and persistence to be together.

Success comes to those who dare…


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