Thursday, September 12

Any News = Dreadful News

So, Ganpati Bappa Morya, US Open was wow, Chennai Express rocked at the box office and made 200 crores and all that jazz. But let's accept that the world is fast approaching the uglier phases of Kalyug.

No news is good news, you say? Well, these days any news is mostly horrible news...

Turns out that a survey recently reported that one in four Asian men have raped a woman, either their domestic or sexual partners. While marital rape is not a crime in several countries including India, the act is just as heinous. What's wrong with seeking consent, menfolk? There are loads of women willing to go all the way for free and for a charge. Take your pick and do your deed. Why do you need to bully and force an individual scarring their self image and marring their reputation for life? Irrespective of whether you know or are related to the person, it's detestable. I completely support the hang-until-death sentence or even better, chop off their manhood and leave them to their fate... Call me wicked, but that's exactly what these demons deserve. Making life so scary for women anywhere within the nation - the backward villages or the modern cities and dashing metros.... This is the least they should get! Freedom and safety is a joke.

While on the topic, let me also vent my ire on the lack of sensitivity and sensibility of Indian journalism. Journalists would rather tape and interview the victims rather than saving them from the perpetrator. And then they post these on television and in newspapers with utter disregard for the consequences on the victims. Court cases also tend to be a pain for them maybe more if not equally disturbing as the actual incident itself. Imagine having to relive, describe and scrutinize every tiny detail of the horrifying experience. What a shameful lot, you lawyers and journalists! Can't display humanity unless it happens to you, is it?

I must have told you earlier about the newspaper somewhere in Europe or the middle east that only prints good news on the front page. Let alone waking up with a smile, our newspapers are filled with filth and garbage from politics to scams to daily accidents. God save the world, or is He helpless too now?!! No wonder then that most people now find the nation unlivable and hence wish to settle on Mars.

Anyway, let's move on to stories more optimistic and intelligent... That hookah tobacco contains less toxic metals than cigarette toabcco doesn't in my opinion make the cut. How about the latest top 20 universities of the world? UK and US top the list again as usual - MIT aces followed by Harvard and Cambridge. Stanford, Yale and others bring up the rear, but no Asian university has yet entered the top 20. We're top when it comes to petrol prices - it has now climbed to 82 rupees in Pune, which is insane. We Indians are supposed to be the most intelligent folks yet we don't offer quality education. University of Pune has dipped almost 100 ranks from 601 to 701 worldwide and around #200 within Asia. We're top in nothing but poverty and racism. Despite this, we're so full of ourselves and our greatness. That Rajinikanth gets a million clicks on day 1 of the release of his first trailer of the Tamil film "Kochadaiiyaan" proves his popularity, what you got? Just blah blah and more blah..... huh!

The tabloids are going crazy with news of Katrina Kaif tying the knot with Ranbir Kapoor. Wasn't she Salman's gal? What with KBC 7 and Big Boss 7 and Besharam and Shuddh Desi Romance, I have lost track of who's dating who and who's double-crossing who. Too many new "stars" and "actors" on the block now. All of them are one film wonders, and who's got time for this crap anyway? I do enjoy Comedy Nights with Kapil and that's about it. He's got a sense of humour, that guy, even if his jokes tend to get a little monotonous and nasty. But he's made the masses forget Raju Shrivastav and Johny Lever. Quite an achievement, methinks.

Speaking about comedy, Grand Masti is set to release soon - and it promises to be nastier than before. I also want to watch Jogn Day, Horror Story and Grown Ups 2. When is the question I would like to answer with a "soon" but only time will tell....

It's only now that I've managed to resume reading books. Although I am not very regular, I've started where I let off "Asura" by Anand Neelakantan. I'm not very pleased with the writing though. It says that Sita was actually Ravana's daughter and his son Akshaya was burned in a fire set by Hanuman. Such gross inaccuracies don't a great book make. Especially for someone like me who loves mythology and folklore. I might just abandon the book altogether and move over to Jeff Arch or some such. Palace of Illusions gave a whole new perspective on Draupadi while Mahabharata by Ramesh Menon remains my best ever when it comes to mythology.

I'm planning to buy a new phone in a few days' time. Some suggest Lumia but Nokia is outdated now. My hubby says Samsung S4 or Apple 4S - I don't quite like either. My heart is kinda set on the Note 2 due to the features and stylus :-D What opinion you got?

And hey, before we end, let me inform you that IBM has sold (=divested, for the more prudent among us) the BPO unit to a company called Synnex. They will now be called Concentrix after Synnex acquired them for 505 million dollars. Most employees are disgruntled, while other are excited about new prospects and growth. What do I think? Well, I'm just glad that I decided to move on in time. Yes sirree... I've put down my papers at IBM and I'm moving to an IT firm in Pune as an Assistant Manager in Learning and Development. Thank ye all for your best wishes and support :-)

That's all we have time for right now, fellas. Be back soon!



TPShukooR said...

Good Post!
Keep writing. I am here

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Congrats for new job. The rapes taking place in the world is disturbing and I feel the judgement should have been given life long so that they could be tortured in jail. They are getting an easy death. I, too, am a huge fan of Comedy with Kapil.

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