Thursday, February 28

Job Jabbers : Part 4

(This is the fourth part of the series; to read previous just scroll down)

Functions of an employment department

- Analysis of positions and suitable executives (Each executive is interviewed and carefully analyzed for two purposes; first, to find whether he is indeed the right man in the right place; second, to observe his characteristics, his peculiarities, his personality, and to learn from him his preferences. All of these are carefully listed, and, in selecting employees, care is taken to select only those who will work harmoniously and happily with the executives under whom they are placed.)

- Analysis of potential employees and securing them

- Reports and records - monitor employed applicant behavior/performance

- Recommendation for transfer, promotion, discharge and salary hike

- Information to management, aid in discipline, settlement of disputes

- Consultation in pay rates

- Transfer and

- Welfare activity

That’s that about the book… Analyzing Characters. Had to put this (extensive) summary here for my recall as well as the probable advantage to interested readers. You can download the free e-book if you find this piece stimulating. Just the click the title mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

I stumbled upon a post by Penelope Trunk in her popular blog that I sometimes follow: How to talk about your weakness. I thought it relevant to mention it here.

One common question that most assessors ask is tell me about your weakness. Both the interviewer and the interviewee know that this question is bull-s*it. Whoever would honestly confess about being lazy or deceitful?

However, Ms. Trunk advises that we mention something that is not related to your area/focus of work. For instance, If you are hired to think of the big picture, you can state your weakness lies in detail-oriented work. This is both candid, as well as constructive. An artist who is bad with finances is a good hire for a company. The point is you got to be smart, yet careful of what you say. Chances are, if you don’t know your weakness, you don’t know your strengths well either.

Analyzing character: stories of misfits, why people choose/do the wrong job, virtues and recruiting tips… Four parts in this Job Jabbers series.

And that’s all for now!

Have a wonderful one ahead :-)
Day, career, life… everything!! 

Wish you loads of luck and success… and satisfaction, last but not the least.



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