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Job Jabbers : Part 2

(This is a sequel; please scroll down to read part 1…)

How do people choose the wrong career? Having chosen the wrong field, why do people continue to hang on there? There are several reasons…

- Ignorance and lack of definite purpose

- Immaturity of judgment on the part of young people (hobbies and strengths don’t always make great job choices. Talents may be hidden. Young boys long to

be cab drivers and conductors because they consider these professions ideal at a young age. The average young man of twenty is only a little more mature than a boy of ten. He still lacks experience and balance.)

- Influence of association (“My friend wants to become a soldier, so I will join the army as well….”)

- Poor judgment of parents or teachers (Parents over/under-estimate their kids, and don't know the real nature of work/professions. They objectively do not assess either. They also want to live their ambition through their children and so, “I could not become a doctor, but my son shall” happens.)

- Prejudices / Gender bias (Many people have intense prejudices against art and other such professions, especially for their sons. Moreover, they think certain people exhibit certain behaviors because they belong to certain professions. Nursing is considered a “women’s job”.)

- Family traditions (Some parents want to save their kids from the hard work they have done, or believe that just because they did it, their kids also can / should.)

- Economic necessity (Sometimes, teens are called to earn a living and help the family with money. Local conditions, friendship, associations, chance vacancies decide careers.)

- Restlessness (Children cannot wait to begin their careers, and choose whatever comes their way. They do not want to “waste” time developing their real talents or seek opportunities for advancement of which they are capable. Sufficient education and training is crucial to realize aspirations.

- Versatility (He, who can do many things well, seems to have difficulty in finalizing one thing and doing that successfully. He is often a serious problem, even for those who can study his case scientifically. It is tough to guide him and even tougher for him to follow the given counsel. One thing is sure - he should stay away from routine/monotonous work.)

- Mediocrity and hidden talents (Even in the case of those with no particular talent, there is always some combination of aptitudes, characteristics, disposition, and other circumstances which makes a particular vocation far more desirable than any other.)

- Blunders of employers (Recruiters want to fill posts and interviewers do not probe right. This lands a misfit a job, that benefits neither the business nor satisfies the employee.)

- Social ambition / Hunger for fame (Certain vocations entitle one to social recognition / fame. Don't fit yourself to a job, do the reverse. Exactly like they said in 3 Idiots – Don’t run after success; pursue excellence instead and success will follow you. )

- Laziness / Conservatism (Hard mental effort is important to decide upon a new line of work. Analysis of work and self, scrutiny of conditions and environment is necessary to make an intelligent and worthy change. Change in vocation usually involves additional study and training, and hard work in preparation for the new task. A lazy man drifts along with whatever is currently available than to go through the grind of aiming and working for something much better. Change is more hateful to them than unloved work.

- Lack of opportunity (There may be no real chance for misfits in the locality where they live and conditions may make it almost impossible for them to leave)

- Lack of education and training (Family and personal situations, cost / time or other factor

- Deficient Self-confidence (Fear of failure in new vocation)

- Lack of courage / ambition (Many men have self-confidence and yet lack courage to face difficulties, to overcome obstacles, to meet hard conditions, to pass through disagreeable experiences.

The book goes on to describe how even vocational guidance is strewn with complications, namely the need of accurate vocational analysis, wise counsel and training, and correct placement.

Another sequel coming up soon…. Come back later!!


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Arre wah! Ur hooked to sequels! Insightful but unfortunately it's true:( can't wait for the final part of the trilogy.

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