Monday, November 14

Secrets Untold

Smith wed Veena a little before his 33rd birthday.

He had broken up with Elena, his girlfriend for 7 years, a year ago. They made a lovely couple, Elena and he, everyone had said.

But not everything is meant to last.

Time had brought Smith and Elena together, and it was time that had driven them apart. So much so, that the last time they had met, there was nothing common between them, nothing to talk about.

They used to chat for hours earlier, spend days in each other’s company, talking about their agreeable married life together. And it had all vanished. Without a trace. Memories lingered, but they fade with time. As both had discovered.

If not truly discovered, at least forcefully convinced themselves.

He thought her stubbornness was to blame. She said it was not exciting anymore to be with him.

Whatever the trigger, Smith and Veena were now pronounced man and wife.

Did Smith love his spouse as much he had Elena?

How did it matter? They weren’t together anymore – said Elena’s friends.

Elena thought differently. “So what if it doesn’t matter directly”, she said to herself, “I know that he felt for me in a way that he’ll never feel for anyone else ever again.”

Elena was hurt when Smith did not invite her for his wedding. Maybe it was a good thing, considering it would be an uncomfortable and difficult day for the both of them. But Elena expected something more personal, after all, they had spent 7 years together, first as colleagues, then friends and finally lovers who squabbled and romanced as most couples are wont to do.

She wanted to believe that Smith thought about her every now and then. She wanted to believe that he missed her, though she was completely sure he would never contact her. That was one obvious thing about Smith – he was fiercely loyal and would never jeopardize another’s faith and his character.

Elena wanted to know if Smith was happy…

"Are you, Smith?"

No one would ever know.

Coz some secrets stay hidden forever…

- Princess


Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Anuja
Nice one. Please continue the story:)

Princess said...

Sure will... sometime :-)

Thanks always, Vishal. God bless !!


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