Saturday, June 4

Super Saturday!


That single word contains all the bliss and excitement present in the universe.

Of course, it’s not everyone’s destiny to enjoy 2 days off a week: I know of quite a few people who work 5.5 or 6 days per week – I was one of them until last year when I joined IBM.

So, it’s all the more reason to get excited and start planning what to do and how to go about it.

Well, this weekend, for a change, I had no plans. Rather, I had a plan that finally did not happen, so I went with the flow and lived a divine and delightful day today – as the title gives away, it was a Super Saturday!

To begin with, the weather was abso-fu*kin-lutely brilliant! It’s been drizzling and pouring the last few days – the monsoon has finally arrived in Pune.

Here are my initial thoughts when I woke up: It’s perfect to go out for a drive. (Though petrol prices have skyrocketed.) It’s perfect to write a nice, emotional blog. (Which I do irrespective of the climate conditions.) It’s perfect to go gallivanting out in the rain and shop or eat or hang out. (As if we need a reason to do that!)

So, basically, it’s a perfect day for anything and everything :-) Time to move on with the day!

Well begun is half done – I woke up late (as usual) and lazed around online and at home. I was enamoured by the raindrops on my window and the rains lashing the streets, so I enjoyed the sight with a warm mug of coffee. (Damn, I’d forgotten I as fond of coffee since I’ve begun my loyal, continuing affair with ginger tea!)

By the time it was 2, I realised I had a movie to go to… None other than KUNG FU PANDA 2!!! And that too in 3D!!!

A quick shower and lip-smacking, piping hot Maggi later, I reached E-Square. Wonder of wonders, unlike most occasions where the rain will increase the moment you’re outdoors, it actually let up and I could reach the theatre without getting drenched. Thanks Lord Varun. Muaaaaah!

As expected, the movie was fantastic. I’m crazy about part 1 and I already knew I would adore the sequel.

But before I go onto details, I MUST say this…
Is there among us any individual who finds the national anthem at the beginning of the movies drab or tedious? Dude or dudette, mend your ways before you hear from me… Coz I think it’s marvellous. It’s a reminder for us to recall that we’re Indians and there are people out there who are fighting for the nation and us citizens.

While most screened anthems focus on the artists and the musical elements, the one that I deem the most moving and patriotic is where the Indian army atop the Siachen glacier is shown holding the flag amidst difficult weather conditions. My eyes well up more than a few times as I look at the soldiers waving the flag and trying to hold it high as natural calamities push them down. And yet, they don’t give up. And yet, they have a smile on their face and passion in their hearts. The dedication and fire in their soul lights up their face and eyes when they hear or sing the Indian national anthem.

And I feel proud… to be the one that they are defending… to be a part of this wonderful nation and civilization… to be alive and capable. Jai Hind! There’s none other like you, Mother India…

Really… I appeal to you… Enjoy the moment the next time you go to watch a film on the big screen. Don’t think that the anthem is interfering with your movie experience – make it a part of the experience. Watch the video, sing along, feel the beat and the emotion that is so tangible you can almost sense yourself with the soldiers – praying and applauding our beautiful and great country...

Awrite, no more gyaan… just do it, okay? No more groans or disrespect when the anthem is on.

Mind it.

So… Kung Fu Panda 2… the story is as simple as this – there is a wicked peacock that was banished, and he returns, so the Dragon Warrior and Furious Five set out to drive him away and save China. As luck would have it, Po has a weird connection with the peacock, which prevents him from showing the valour of the Dragon Warrior a couple of times. This is when the Tigress, Monkey, Mantis and Snake step in to take charge and avoid defeat through their brilliant coordination and expertise in Kung Fu. As the plot unfolds, Po realises that the goose isn’t his real father. He gets curious about where he came from, which he finally learns, but doesn’t still know about the whereabouts of his parents. (That is where the makers have given out the hint of a third part of the movie.) The peacock is got rid of, and the troupe return victorious along with Master Shifu and 2 other mighty warriors – a rhino and crocodile.

We gotta admit - Folks in Hollywood have a knack for storytelling and it’s completely paisa vasool. The dialogues and humour are super, and the direction and animation is mind-boggling. As if all that wasn’t enough, there are 3D effects in the movie that make it incredibly terrific! You can almost reach out and touch your favourite warrior! Or you can have things thrown at you and tackle a few fiendish wolves.

All in all, a splendid blockbuster! Must watch for you all… If you want to find your INNER PEACE :) Coz after all, it’s not what your beginning was – it may not be as great as you’d like, but you can certainly decide who you want to be. That is of the essence. Happy viewing! My rating – 10 on 10!

(Oh, and for those of you that have asked or told or requested me to watch Hangover 2, I already have... and I was bored to death! What was all the hullaballoo about?? It was poorly made, the jokes were the same old, and it really did not live up to expectations. I slept through the movie. Waste of money. Guess Hollywood folks make blunders too. I'm sure if you are a boy, you'll have liked this film. No wonder... men are dumb. No discussion on this. Period.)

(So are women, actually... But anyway, the point is the movie was silly and monotonous.)

Luckily for me, the rains had taken a lesson or two from the movie, so they’d decided to give us a breather! I could visit the famed and extraordinary Inorbit (going by Pune’s current mall standards). And let me say, it did justice to its reputation. It’s huge to say the least, and the brands it houses are first-evers in Pune. I felt like I’d returned to my day in Saket (Delhi) where I visited 3 colossal malls all in one straight row. I guess I can say - Pune’s arrived! All set to join the league…

But I’ll also add, I would never go shopping to Inorbit! It’s too massive for my liking, and this confuses me when I’ve to buy something. I’m not averse to picking up a few garments though from Globus and W, or hanging out at the food court and coffee bar. And… great crowd!!

Hunger pangs struck, so we called it a day and headed to Kareem’s in Camp for Kathi Kebabs. They’re unbeatable, and we topped it with a chocolate éclair at Dorabjee. Greedy me, I also packed some brownies, meringues and macaroons to eat later in the week. Pity Kayani had shut; before time as usual coz they run out of goods and products. Grrr… Need to go back one of these days and sink my teeth into their sinful Mawa cake… Yummm!

So, that was an exhaustive (literally) statement of my day.

Sunday is almost here… What you got in store, buddy?!!

I sit here feeling the breeze by the window, with oil in my hair (gave myself a relaxing head massage) and dream of munching on a meringue…

Time to end this post!! My meringue beckons…


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i wsh u such weekends every week .

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