Tuesday, June 14

Dead Man Talking

You're taking me for a ride coz I have faith in you, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You want to break me down and laugh in my face, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wana see my beaten and begging, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wana wipe my smiles away with my own flowing tears, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wana prove to me how helpless I am, and how much you control me, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wish to shame me in front of the very people who were worse than me once, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You want to kill my pride and self-esteem, make me humble and diffident, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

Lucky in exams, unlucky in education. No too lucky in career, reasonably lucky in life.
Not lucky with friends, and certainly not lucky in love.
Feeling forgotten and defeated.
That's what you desired?
Congrats you're succeeding.

People moved on with their jobs and partners, while I kept waiting for life to happen.
I helped and respected the disadvantaged, while others ridiculed them.
I tried to spread joy, while others selfishly made merry and hurt others.
I suffered while other rejoiced.
That's what you wrote out for me, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You gave me a false sense of self-sufficiency, and left my peace incomplete.
Something was always missing, and my bliss was halved.
Gave you power and contentment, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

Each time someone stood up for me, each time someone was there for me.
You were restless and you snatched away all that you could.
Each time I got up after u tripped me you promised to try harder.
Congrats you're succeeding.

I'm so distressed, so depressed, frustrated and lost.
My sorrows and failures are unsurmountable.
I'm so low, I couldn't possibly be dragged to any further depths of hell and cynicism.
Mission accomplished?
Congrats you're succeeding.

As I'm waiting to die, you keep me alive.
As I pray for relief from the pain, you force me to survive.
Gives you a sadistic sense of superiority, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

My wretched life yearns for mercy, as I put on a brave front.
I'm crumbling day by day.
Is this what you wanted to see?
Congrats you're succeeding.

Enjoy the feeling while it lasts.I'm not fighting back.
I'm not capable of it anymore.
Do all the terrible you can. I'll take it.
Atleast one of us is succeeding.
Atleast one of us is happy.
Carry on. I'm right here.
Will stay till you say.

As if I have a choice!

- Dead Inside


Vishal Bheeroo said...

Beautiful..amazing..fantabulous..prose..words fails to justify this creative piece..one of your best so far:)

Princess said...

Thanks Vishal...
You're always been so supportive. I'm touched :-)


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