Sunday, March 27

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

You can’t make me hate him.

No matter what he does, no matter what he doesn’t do.

I know he’s mine. And he loves me more than anyone else ever could.

He watches out for me, takes care of me, and nurtures me when even I don’t need him.

Yeah, I do sense that sometimes he’s supporting someone else and doing more for someone else than he does for me. And nope, I still don’t hold it against him.

As long as he is with me, all’s well. Everything’s pardonable.

After all, he backs me whenever I do anything, and he forgives me a million times.

I owe it to him.

Our relation’s just like any other except for one fact.

We fight, we argue, we laugh, we talk, we abuse, we work together, we cry, we bitch and we appreciate... Just like others…

But we never let go.

I stick to him, and he stands by me all the friggin’ time.

Yeah, we have our share of tiffs where I divorce him every other week and ask him to keep off, calling him names and telling him he’s a no-good-sucker and I’m better off without him. That I don’t need him, and I would manage on my own, thank you very much.

He doesn’t sulk, he doesn’t justify or shout back. He just smiles.

And I say, “Grrr… why don’t you just FO…?!” and walk away.

A couple of days later, I find myself back in his arms.

He doesn’t call me, I don’t ask to be called. It just happens. I turn to him, and he quietly embraces me as if we’d always been that way. With the same smile on his face that I’d seen when I left.

Funny how his smiles appear to mock at times and convey strength on other occasions.

Really, I’m a fool to even judge his intentions.

He’s ALWAYS right.

And the craziest bit is, even if he seems to be wrong, situations modify themselves to prove him right! He can make miracles happen... and you can do nothing to stop what he bids...

Some conspiracy, I tell you. I don’t know how he does it.

I’ve threatened and blackmailed him. I throw tantrums and demand things that may not be quite appropriate at a moment. He either gives them to me, or staunchly says no.

Even if I cajole or fight back, he doesn’t do anything that would prove difficult or critical for me, either immediately or in the long run. He’s got a keen eye for detail and he can see far ahead than the most reliable prophet. Even if it means he’ll have to put up with my hatred and sorrow and anger, he still does what is right for me, not just going by what I want.

We do not meet up for ages. Just a thought is enough for us to connect. There are times when I forget him, and yet he’s always just a step away… No misgivings, no grievances or objections…

We scarcely have to say things to each other out loud. It’s all so telepathic, it’s spooky at times. This intuition that he gifts me without my asking for it…

He helps me help others, and I help him reach others’ lives.

I trust him blindly.

Yeah, there are times when I ask for answers or explanations and he shrugs them off. There are occasions when he does not tell me the complete truth and details. I can't say he lies, but he certainly doesn't always tell me everything. I'd like to change that about him (just like I want to change something about everything and everyone around me!) But I guess he's got his reasons. And I DID say I trust him... so the argument ends there...

“Thank you” and “sorry” are words that I sometimes utter, but I know he doesn’t need to hear them. My feelings matter to him, but not at the cost of my well-being. His dedication and loyalty to me are extraordinary.

Call it faith, call it being stupid.

I don’t care what you think about him. I don’t care what you think about me. You do not figure in our scheme.

Unless I ask for you to be protected.

And he listens to me no matter what you feel about him or us.

Maybe you don’t understand, and never will. Maybe you comprehend this better than me.

It still doesn’t matter. You still don’t figure. What’s between me and him is untouched and unaffected by everything that exists in truth or fiction, in opinion or experience.

I can’t say our relation is invisible; I can sense it, and so can others who care to look.

It’s beautiful, this thing we have.

I don’t know what I’d do without him.


And having known him so long, and so well, there’s no way we’re ever gonna part.

Come what may.

I love you God.

Yours forever,



Unknown said... future hope to see you as a big writer princess


Unknown said...

amazing :) i am visiting your blog for the first time...liked it a lot :)

Apple said... visting ur blog 4 d fst tym...jst luvd it princess...surely u'll b a writer...

Princess said...

Thanks, all you guys :)

With such beautiful people reading what I write, my success is half accomplished.


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