Wednesday, February 16

Choosing the Right Choice

Tony wanted to get her home painted. And she was in a quandary.

Shocking pink or dull grey?

A colour that would stun everyone and prove exciting or a colour that’s look mellow yet stay longer?

It was a tough choice.

What would be better – she wondered… Looking at an attractive shade that frustrated her by peeling at the edges?

Or being within the confines of an insipid hue that did not wear off years after it was painted?

Would the exhilaration of the shocking pink dim out in the following months?

Maybe the gray that seemed monotonous now would make her comfortable in the years to come…

Sometimes decisions about simple things weren’t as simple as they appeared.

Just like relationships.

Boys want girlfriends that are “shocking pink” but not many of them would end up marrying them. Conjugal bliss is better guaranteed with girls that are “dull grey”. Or at least that’s what popular opinion claims.

Girls… I’m really not sure. I’d like to believe that they desire a lifelong partner and accordingly choose a boyfriend/husband. However, given the twenty-first century, modernization and rising infidelity, I shall remain non-committal on this.

Reminds me of a peer that was facing the same question a few years ago. Her parents wanted her to get married and she could not make up her mind about whether she could trust her current boyfriend to remain committed and happy with her, or should she give in to her parents’ choice of a life partner. After all, arranged marriages are presumed to last longer, as compared to love marriages.

She watched her friends tying the knot one by one, some to their chosen lovers, others to partners that their families had chosen with care. While she had no complaints with her state of affairs and marital status, she could not resist feeling a little indignant and petulant when she checked out pictures and comments relating to her friends’ marital bliss. And her crankiness showed in a myriad ways. It was contagious, just like her enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

Hers was a convoluted situation. What else would you call circumstances when you see a perfectly eligible bachelor in a woman’s past, one that she could still call upon and get hitched, but decided against, because being with him was not wondrous as being with another procrastinating, blasé man that she thought was meant to be hers?

Sometimes decisions about simple things weren’t as simple as they appeared…

What happened then?

I don’t know…

But I do hope that whatever she decided has brought her happiness and contentment.

After all, god never sent us down here to be unhappy.

He cares… for me… for you… for each one of us…

And destiny has things in store for every one of us.

Unfortunately, we only know what’s meant to be in hindsight. If only we knew whether our lives had shades of pink or grey, we’d be able to plan and act accordingly.

On the other hand, it is because we don’t know that our lives have a tinge of adventure and variety.

So, what’s your call - shocking pink or dull grey?

Life’s colourful :-)

And confusing…

May the lord be with you!

I definitely am…


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Anonymous said...

I'll prefer both my gal friend and a would be wife in pink coz life should be made colorful,isn't it?Not shockingly pink though.

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