Thursday, February 10

Letter to the Bday Boy

Hi baby!

Happy birthday to you!! Muaaaaaahhh !!!

You’re a year old today… 12 months have truthfully and factually been 365 days long, yet they appeared never-ending and minuscule at different intervals. There were times when I could sense you growing by the hour, and then there were days when you just seemed to remain as you were… I’ve been thankful as well as amazed at both those occasions.

Now when I think of it, I’m soooo waiting for you to grow up.

That age where I can really start pampering you. Buying you chocolates and spoiling you. Giving you everything you want, and admonishing you when you do something nasty or gross.

You’re really sweet now, and god knows you’re a handsome bugger. You charm women even when you’re fast asleep, and people of all ages and genders find you irresistible. You also make your presence felt and your personality known, when you object at being ignored or being treated a certain way, and when you giggle uncontrollably coz someone’s acting barmy. You coo and crib now and then, and you make my heart weep and beam. Gosh, you’re such a bundle of joy and activity. You’re adorable, you charismatic fiend! My stubborn darling pixie!!

However, the real fun shall finally begin when you actually start talking.

Most of it will be crap, so I won’t get bugged, I promise. I shall answer all your million questions as best as I can – sometimes truthfully, sometimes I’ll give nutty answers just to amuse or trick you. It’ll be uber cool, I promise. We’ll be one sexy aunt-nephew, and I shall train you just the right way to fool people and woo girls.

Not that you really need any help there, you’re a pro at both already, aren’t you?

I still remember the day you were born. I was far away, in Pondicherry, on my solitary sabbatical.

In spirit, I was right there in the operation theatre with you, and you were in my prayers all the while.

When I actually saw you, the shadow of your moving hand assured me that you knew me…

You knew me!!

That single wave of your hand… and our eternal bond was established.

I couldn’t get enough of you. When you cried in the night, or scratched yourself tearing away your cute mittens, my heart bled.

When the doc kept asking for a hundred tests and reports, I wanted to murder the planet.

I felt so bitter towards the world for not leaving you alone; guests wanting to see you, people wanting to talk about you – they made me go insane with rage.

I love you… always will…

You’ve given us all sleepless nights, and you’ve also given us memories that will shine like beacons in our darkest times and make us smile. Amazing the kind of influence you have in our lives even before you start doing anything major!!

(Considering you are Bhai’s son, we’re all geared up and expecting the worst… Just informing you so you know you needn’t stop at anything – go your way dude, do what your mind bids. You pa shall take the blame; it’s his wicked traits that got transmitted to my poor sanctimonious angel!!)

I still recall how we named you Omansh – a name that took our community and society by awe coz it was so unique and so stylish. I would have loved to call you Omi… But then the stars dictated circumstances, and you became Bhoomik… Bhoomik Anand Rathi… Raising the BAR for us :-)

I can’t stop fantasizing about your cheeks and voice. You’re so delicate and delightful. Even if someone holds you tight, you go all pink. And yet, you rarely complain. You’re happy to be held as anybody wishes and you do not object to being passed from arm to arm. The only times when you show your worth and capability of being angry is when you’re not given your way… And lord, the way you scream and whine then!

However, I shall choose to ignore that. It’s only fair considering the cherub you are at most times -undemanding and patient. The way you behaved before and at your tonsure was marvellous. Simply unbelievable, as all onlookers claimed. You were so quiet and willing, that even the barber was stunned. Such a sweetheart, my baby, you… And so caring also. The way you love and accept everyone, even those that you have never seen before… Gosh, just a year old, and you’re my ideal already!

I love the way you love my dad - your grandpa - and he you. The connect between you two men is beyond me. I just see the beautiful way you cuddle in his arms and go to sleep as he diligently and uncomplainingly walks miles (inside the house, obscuring our view of the TV) just coz you like it that way.

Come to think of it, you are so comfy with your dad, too. The brute I’ve known 30 years melts in front of you before you can say “Da”. Damn, you’re a champ. Got the gift of the gab, haven’t you?!

The way Bhabhi tends to you is no joke, mister. You better be thankful she’s your mum, and never ever give her woe. You’ll have to deal with me if you do… Unless of course, you choose me over her… He he he!!!

Needless to say, you’ve captivated my other darling too. Mum goes all ga-ga over you, irrespective of the fact whether you’re somewhere in person or not. She cries and giggles at the mere thought of you, and is constantly fretting to be with you. Krishna himself would be jealous of the effect you have on people who know you!

So, you see, you’re mightily loved and deceitfully lucky. You better thank the one above for this.

As we thank him for having you in our lives…

I have to stay away from you at the moment, as does the rest of the family because you have to be in Mumbai for some appointments. The busy guy that you are…

This is to let you know that you’re missed like crazy, and never forgotten even for a minute…

And as we bring in your birthday together, we pray that you have a long, lovely, healthy and successful life.

We love you.

And I’ll always be there for you, my love.

Keep smiling!!

- Bua

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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Anuja,its such a cute n sweet post.pass my regards to the man. can sahre ur feelings since I hace cure niece,nephews.
Nice pic

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