Wednesday, December 29

Hyderabad Calling

Kyaaaa bol re yaaaaron?

Ismail Bhai kaisi baate karre the malum?!! Charminar pe baitthe uno :-D

Recognize the dialect and tonality? …

For those who have been to this city, and watched The Angrez, it’s an easy one.


(Angrez is one of my all-time favourite movies, an absolute laugh riot and a certain recommendation - unless you’re the toffee-nosed, snooty types who only appreciate things that are high-class, polished and pretentious. Bah humbug!)

I was in Andhra Pradesh for a week in December. (You may not have realised my absence since the blog kept updating itself due to write-ups posted in advance.) I’d gone to Hyd for the advanced phase of my human process lab; the next step of the ISABS Basic I’d attended in Goa in May 09.

I’d tremendously enjoyed and benefitted from the BLHP (Basic), and obviously my expectations from the ALHP (Advanced) were high. Unfortunately, while my trip was great, my lab experience was all right, not extraordinary. Of course, the week was totally worth it, considering I got to meet some interesting people and listen to some enlightening revelations and analysis, plus the food and stay at the outstanding Novotel hotel and my reunion with cousins!

You might recall what I’d shared with you from my Basic lab days. In the Advanced, I did tackle some issues that were bothering me, like why I feel the need to be felt special and wanted... like why I want people to like me and invite me in their groups/activities be it tea breaks, planning meets or recreation... Didn’t get the answers, but showed me a few paths that I can try and decide upon. Along with the observation and assurance that this need of mine isn’t strange and unique to me, but extremely normal and commonplace :-)

I also acknowledged that I'm blessed and other people have troubles that far outweigh my meagre everyday concerns. The lab sensitized me more than touched me... And also earned me feedback that I didn’t quite agree with, but chose to stay with and explore...

Some of you might have switched off mentally coz what was written above sounded like Greek or Latin. For those of you who are clueless about what a human process lab is - it’s a T-group process where you are the element that is put inside a “laboratory” to experiment with your behaviour and others’, and see how you react to other elements. It makes you aware of your own needs and behaviour patterns, and the impact of those on yourself and others. Sounds complicated, but it’s super interesting. At least the Basic is what I’d personally recommend to everyone alive. Go for it. More info here…

About the location, whew! The hotel I stayed at was a beautiful multi-star near the airport. It had a marvellous buffet replete with 20 salads, 20 desserts and an equal number of main course dishes and cuisines. A little glimpse? A variety of cheese and breads, smoked salmon, chicken salami, tenderloin and lamb, prawns, potatoes, corn, cottage cheese, pasta, risotto, delicacies cooked Italian, Chinese, French, South Indian, Punjabi and Mediterranean style, pastries, chocolates, ice-creams, Indian sweetmeats, puddings and pies, mousse and eatables with names that I can’t remember let alone pronounce!! It was terrific - my dessert portions were thrice the size of my main course consumption, and I absolutely loved meal times :)

After 6 days of the lab (and 11 meals, 6 breakfasts and a Papaya body polish later), I met my cousins and spent a day and half with them. Watched the movie Tron Legacy (which doesn’t deserve to be viewed in 3D though the film is quite exciting), bought a pair of gladiator sandals and enjoyed an amazing Death by Chocolate Pancake at a place called Chocolate Room that serves everything from choco-shakes to choco-pizza and chocolate fondue. I polished off an entire double pancake with choco-chips, chocolate sauce and chocolate ice-cream, and that's a lot considering I often pick at my food... This place in Himayat Nagar is a must-visit for anyone that loves this divine brown creation!!

The return trip from Hyderabad to Pune was a nightmare. A complete letdown by Jet Airways. They first cancelled my direct Hyd-Pune flight. There was no other option with them or any other airline so I had to opt for a connecting flight the next day. I wasn’t complaining; I got an extra day to spend with relatives. What sure wasn’t amusing was that Jet rescheduled this other flight for the first leg rendering my second leg (Bombay-Pune) useless. I had to run around and book myself on an Air India flight which I thankfully got coz I reached the airport way before time.

Of course, I missed meeting some friends for who I'd come early in the first place. But that's destiny... You can’t have everything planned and going right all the time... So I somehow got to Bombay, spent 2 hours in the Jet lounge and reached Pune. I’m going to avoid flying by Jet in future, and would advise others the same.

That’s my story, and a lengthy one at that (though I still haven’t touched upon half the things I’d like to share in detail!)

Pune’s friggin 6 degrees celsius right now! It’s unbelievable. I spent Christmas with my sis-in-law and nephew in Mumbai, and mind you, that city doesn’t know what winter is. Hyd was ok, cool and comfy. I wonder how much colder Pune’s gonna get! It’s nice though… The chill… Colorful sweaters and mufflers… Steaming chai and warm blankets… Hot showers and cosy sunshine… I love winters!!

The icing on the cake? An award at IBM :-)

(Won the GEM award for Going the Extra Mile by motivating and engaging the employees with my initiatives and driving performance. When I thanked my manager for acknowledging and appreciating my work, she turned around and said, “Thank YOU Anuja for being in the team and doing what you did!” My mind was numb and body shivering with exhilaration – to be recognized in the first 6 months in a mammoth company with team members far senior to me in knowledge and experience – spellbinding!!!)

Thanks for your best wishes, all.

Thank you God… Love you!

Stay with me in the new year and for ever...

- Princess

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Sumit said...

Congrats on the GEM award. :)

And ISABS sounds interesting. Do you reckon it's worth a shot?

P.S. Had been to Hyd a long time ago, so don't remember much

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