Wednesday, December 22

Baby I'm Addicted...

This goes out to most boys (and some girls, too) who drink for any and every reason, any and every day.

Why do you drink so much?

What is it about alcohol that is so irresistible and makes you so desperate?

It’s ridiculous.


I won’t deny the desire and pleasure of a drink now and then when you’re very stressed of extremely happy, or you want to celebrate a particularly significant occasion in your life.

But drinking coz you can afford it and drinking coz booze is available is downright stupid.

And the fact that you can’t control yourself in the presence of alcohol is disgusting.

I’ve seen more than a few folks who drink almost every single day for no other excuse than they’ve been to office or they have nothing else to do. Guys get together after work and lounge at someone’s place with bottles of beer, rum and whisky maybe because it makes them feel cool, or could be because they believe that it is essential. A day without alcohol makes them feel incomplete and bored. As if they’ve wasted one day of their life. Now how wise and exciting is that?!

I can fathom a few logical reasons for drinking (if any reason for drinking CAN be termed logical). One, it’s just something you do when you gang up with a bunch of friends/colleagues. (As if just sitting around munching on snacks and listening to music isn’t happening enough.) Two, it’s a-given that guys drink whenever they can, so this agenda doesn’t require any planning or discussion. Three, people are addicted. Either truly or they believe they are. In my opinion, it’s more psychological. “I’ve had a hard day, and I NEED a drink.”

And of course, when you drink, you sure NEED a smoke…

Why am I getting so worked up about it? Well, simply put, it ANNOYS me.

What’s with drinking everyday ya? Or every alternate day for that matter? Or every weekend even?

So fine you drink one day coz you feel like it. Fair enough. And then you drink the next day coz a colleague wants to drink. Nonsense! And then you drink the day after that because one of your team-mates got promoted. Haa! The next day it’s someone’s birthday, so a drink is in order. And obviously, you catch up with friends over the weekend or visit a new hangout, or your girlfriend wants to go partying …

Loser!! Get a grip on yourself. Whoever said that booze available is booze that needs to be drunk?!! Whoever said you can’t say no? Why the hell do you think that if you refuse to drink, someone might get offended or ridicule you?

I seriously don’t understand.

I mean, you’re educated enough to know that you are making yourself dependant on this poison. You might convince yourself that you’re not addicted but your actions and emotions speak otherwise. If your will power cannot hold you back from regular binge, then dude, you gotta serious problem. Indulgence is one thing, overdoing it and being unable to control yourself – deep shit you’re in, mate. And what sucks is you don’t even realise or accept it.

You’re screwing your own health – physical, mental and emotional. You’re jeopardizing the life of others who depend on you – your family, whether born or unborn yet. And how fair is that?

No… I do not believe you when you say you know what you’re doing. I do not believe you when you say you are in control. Drinking more than twice a week and more than 4 times a month, is a grave concern. And if you can’t stop yourself, lord save you.

Stop calling your girlfriends, siblings, spouses and parents nags just coz they care for your health and ask you to refrain from drinking.

Stop thinking you’re cool and drinking is a way to prove that.

Stop supposing that there is no better way to enjoy life. Recreation and rejuvenation has better modes than this ugly habit. Exercise. Watch a movie. Hang out at a club or park. Pick a hobby. Play cards or chat with relatives and friends. Learn how to dance or speak a new language. Do something creative. Find ways to make your loved ones feel special. Do all the things you miss out on coz you waste half your breathing time making merry after a bottle of booze.

Life is much more than a high, buddy.

Quit the alcohol. Kick the pot. Chuck the cigarette.

It’s not worth it, trust me.

Why am I saying all this?

Coz I care.

And you know I do…

I hope you care for me, too…

Be good!



PriPat said...

Agree with you completely... one should understand ...

Know alcohol No life...
No Alcohol .. Know life!!

Interesting blog... I will follow it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anuja
I concede I'm addicted to cigarettes..shall take a leaf. But,making an effort to reduce smoking. From time to time, I take a drink to relax but one or 2 pegs not too much. I knw we give an excuse to drink becoz of tight work schedule.
Thanks for the concern n next tym before smoking,I'll think of ur words.Let's c if it works.
Hey Pri pat gr8 to see you here. The world is a really small place. Anuja's blog is supa awesome u'll love it.
Merry Xmas

Denis Thomas said...

Awesome job, Anu!!!

Princess said...

Thanks you guys... makes me feel real nice that you read what I have to rant about and also find it worthwhile to comment and let me know your opinions and feedback.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!


ManUtdMania said...

I understand how you feel. I posed the same question to a few members on and the response I got was quite simply they do not have any thing else better to do. They drink, smoke, hang out etc. Everybody is looking for a way out of that social life, but they cannot do it alone. What do you propose as a solution? Just because we feel a certain way doesn't mean it to be right.

AjAiN said...

First hw i noticed ur blog...i ws searching fr the lyrics of Baby i'm addicted by Enrique...and saw this lovly article...Superr like....i had these feelings in my mind i tried to express thm to frnds who r alcohol freaks...but they call themselves d real men...and pushed me to start drinking... but the blind faith of my family n loved ones and also no excitement towards drinking this bitter liquid..allows me to escape this early death..also u should live ur life with some principles...tht shouldnt be broken at any cost...i was not able to express these feelings but through ur article i did i will say job well done!!!... Cheers!!!

Princess said...

ManUtd and AjaiN,

I'm glad I found some men who think like me... Most men I know love their poison and vehemently defend their actions and intentions!

I guess each one of us is free and intelligent enough to decide what they want outa their lives. All we can do for the others is make our voice heard and step back.

Can't change no one but yourself, can you?!!

Thanks again for visiting and commenting, folks. Appreciate it!

Come back super soon :)


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