Monday, May 3

Yoo Hoo!!

Some relaxation, some shopping, a visit to Mumbai, chilling out with friends, a visit to the dentist… And it’s time to join IBM!!!

Yep fellas! Today is my last day at work at Yellow Box, and I’m very excited at the prospect of moving on to further my life and career.

Optimos, inlingua, Alchemy, Yellow Box… You’ve come a long way baby… Time for IBM.

I went shopping for some knick-knacks with mum yesterday and movie the previous day. So, I can safely say I’ve had an exciting pre-quitting weekend :-) The movie in question is Housefull (the review of which will follow eventually in this post), and my shopping list included things like T-shirts (obviously), shorts, socks, scarves, footwear (naturally) and a riding jacket. Happy!! Tulsibaug ne who kar dikhaya jo MG Road and Laxmi Road bhi nahi kar paye. Hip hip hurray!! :-D

I must put in a word about this Waman Hari Pethe jewelry store located on Laxmi Road that I visited to re-size my silver-pearl ring. EVERY BODY in the domain of customer service ought to visit this shop and take lessons from the way the employees behave with their customers. I was pleasantly surprised to observe that such folk still exist, especially in Pune, where shopkeepers don’t need clients and treat them as if they’re a hindrance.

I bet you know about Pune’s pride Chitale Bandhu that shuts its doors sharp at 3 even if a customer has traveled half the city to buy a fresh pack of Bhakarwadi. “We don’t need you, come back when we’re ready to assist you” screams their every expression and action. Such a sharp contrast from Mumbai. Waman Hari Pethe (incidentally also from Mumbai) won a brownie point for being so supportive and gracious even though we had such a small task for them, one that wouldn’t even get them any money. The next time I want to do anything related to jewelry, WHP gets my business. And my recommendation.

Back to my POA, I gotta tell you about Housefull.

Now the movie ain’t excellent, but it’s not bad either. Those of you who heard/saw Rajeev Masand’s discouraging review on CNN-IBM, please don’t get dejected. I know this film comes across as a potpourri with bits and pieces sneaked from Meet the Parents, Night at the Museum, Pyar KIya Toh Darna Kya, Kal Ho Na Ho and All The Best. However, Akshay Kumar with his usual wit and charm makes it watchable. While he and Riteish Deshmmukh don’t do anything different that what they’ve done hitherto in Bollywood cinema, their acting wins quite a few laughs and smirks. Folks looking out for serious, intelligent cinema, kindly avoid. This one’s not for you.

Akki plays the proverbial loser in search of his perfect bride. He brings nothing but ill luck to himself and those around him. Deepika, who plays his love interest, looks stunning in this movie as does Lara Dutta. The usual mix-ups and goof-ups that are typical of a Sajid Khan movie are all in place. Yet, Boman Irani and Arjun Rampal don’t get much meat to prove their mettle.

Malaika Arora-Khan has done a cameo, (Lord knows why) and so has Jiah Khan, Chunky Pandey, Randhir Kapoor and Lilette Dubey. The music isn’t phenomenal though I liked the Oh Girl You’re Mine and Papa Jag Jayega tracks. The climax could’ve been better, but hey, I’m not complaining. I liked the movie coz it provided some much needed fun and grin. My rating – 7.5 on 10. Good timepass.

I finished Love, Life… by Ahmed Faiyaz. The book began to grow on me as I went deeper into the plot. I started identifying, predicting and experiencing the emotions of the characters, and that I suppose is the biggest achievement of any writer – to make the reader FEEL the words, sentiments and story. Even if his language competency is not up to the mark…

Every chapter commences with a relevant quote by a famous personality – Nelson Mandela, Robert Frost, and the like. Sets the mood before it lapses into the development and disintegration of various relationships. The tales themselves are uncomplicated albeit commonplace, and I bet each one of us can appreciate a particular situation/character having gone through the same ourselves at some point or the other in our lives. This book’s gonna stay on my book-rack, even though I wouldn’t count it among my bestest reads for life…

That’s that about me, how you been doing?!!


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Unknown said...

While at college I remember this board outside a home in sadashiv peth which said that "If the door is not opened on the second ring please do not try again" or another one same place "please do ring the bell between 130 and 4 as we sleep at that time".

I also received a wedding invitation from the same area which had these words in brackets and bold said "eka gharatun ekach" (only one person need come from one family)

Chitale bandu is politeness personified...... what say???

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