Monday, May 10


Just to say a quick hello folks... And updates!

Yellow Box is wound up and done, and I join IBM the day after, after finishing my documentation tomorrow. Quite a tedious process,I hear,but you gotta do what you gotta do...

I was in Mumbai these last few days.Of course, some of you may be unaware considering my blog is updated frequently; I post my blogs in advance so that I don't miss interacting with you and you don't miss me and my wisdom ;-)

I spent some quality time with my baby, gosh has he grown!! Shall upload some pics soon, here as well as on FB so you can feast your eyes on the handsome cutie pie :-) He's so naughty and sweet, makes you wanna gobble him up and smother him with sloppy kisses!! And then he goes all pink and angry...

Also caught up with some old friends and visited various hangouts. Mumbai's on another level altogether when it comes to chillout joints. There's a fancy place that sells doughnuts of various flavors and colors (Mad Over Donuts- MOD). It's located in Colaba, and I had the most awesome time gorging on Mango and Chocolate and Kiwi and what-not filled doughnuts! To take my gastronomic pleasures to seventh heaven,we then barged upon Theobroma, which serves chocolates and brownies and savories of different types. Reminded me of Choco-La, Pondicherry. (Miss you, Pondi!)

Manchester United is a great sports bar that has massive screens and an excellent menu/bar range. The manager knew my friend, and I was regaled with exotic concoctions thanks to his mixology genius. I also enjoyed the India-Australia match (obviously I cheered the Down Under team, who but naturally won!) and had a lovely, slurpy time downing fish with chips and mushrooms. Phoenix Mills, where this bar is housed, is a terrific place to hang out, and you must visit to get a reality check if you thought the Atria mall was great.

Fresh Catch is a good restaurant in Mahim if you like seafood (that I don't). But I completely flipped over Wich Latte in Colaba where I had some yummy soup served in a bread bowl, followed by a salad and bagels. That's what I call a perfect lunch! Burppp... Even Red Box, I forget where itslocated.Nice, young place to spend a few hours drinking and eating and catching up with pals.

Probably the highest point in this trip for me was the amazing pedicure I had (my first ever!) at Rudra Spa and Salon on Pedder Road. Bliss.....

To me, Bombay (I hate calling it Mumbai, only to be corrected repeatedly by Harshal) is nothing without its cramped residential and commercial quarters and bustling locals. I wouldn't believe I was in this city if I didn't set eyes on these two things. And as Deepti aptly says, you either like it or you don't. She does, I don't. Never shall. The weather, the distances, the people... Not my type... I'd never wana settle here, despite its accommodating nature and glam quotient. But to each his own... Cheers, Mumbai and Mumbai-kars!!

Gotta go...

Take care!

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