Tuesday, February 2

I'm Alive

Wazaaaaaaaa, fellas?

I'm doing good, extremely happy coz I did some fab work over the last couple of days. Work as in professionally and academically. Nothing gives you the satisfaction that a good day's work can... Trust me...

Of course, other than going shopping and purchasing something dreamy and exquisite, which I did too :-D

But more on that later... Let me begin by telling you how things have been at work... By the way, I completed 6 months at YB yesterday. Cheers!

Honestly speaking, I've hardly had much to do over the last few weeks. I've just been loitering at work, and trying to look busy and important. (Which most people do so often, that after a point of time, they stop realizing they're doing nothing unusual or productive. Weird but true.) So, when I was told outta the blue that I need to visit a client and evaluate candidates for communication training, I was glad to actually be occupied in constructive work, for a change.

Now, I was expecting about a dozen candidates and I was nowhere close to prepared to being handed a sheet of 60-odd names, most sounding South Indian - you know, the usual Rao and Reddy and tons of snake-god names. I took a deep breath and geared up for the task.

I do enjoy meeting people, and I must say, it was fun. One of the best things about being a trainer is that you can let yourself go wild and encourage the students to explore themselves during interactive sessions. Which is exactly what I did. So, right from the usual "What's your favorite destination?" to "What would you do with a million bucks?" to the more controversial "What would you rename yourself as, and why?" and "Why don't you have a girlfriend?", I went berserk. And the candidates thoroughly enjoyed the interrogation. (I know coz we were both giggling.) Helped me build the required rapport and helped the students relax. Good job.

Tell me something new ;-)

But that's just the basics. I HAVE to share with you the details about the weirdos I meet and the crazy stuff they do... LOL... Omigosh, it's hilarious, the way some folks behave...

So, as I said this group was mostly composed of idli-dosa-people. While their MTI (mother tongue influence) and pronunciation had me grinning and fuming alternately, they came across as extremely sincere and polite. Unfortunately, non-trainable, though. Wana know how chatting with them is...?? Check this out : When I asked "Tell me about your family", they say "My name is blah-blah. I studied at blah-blah. My first job was so-and-so". I calmly guide them back to my original question, to which they answer "My fother (NO typo, they say fOther) was retired and mother was housemaker (HOMEmaker/houseWIFE)." I make a straight face and ask with empathy, "Was? They're there, right?" only to be told, "Ya ya, they in Kannur." Shucks....

And then there was this deadly-looking chap who tells me, "I want to join this company because branded, and then people will give their daughters to me to marry." Ahem, how many you looking for, mate?! Pretty candid and upfront, I admit...

Another reedy fellow on being asked "Why are you so thin?" replied promptly "I will drink Complan." Hehehe... Too late for that, buddy. Should have done that sooner...

And godddd... some of these guys dress in such outrageous ways! I had to blink a couple of times when I saw this dude walk up to me in a bright red shirt. I mean, a traffic signal red of all colors to an interview? It's almost like saying "Hire me or I'll fire you."

This other cartoon in a waistcoat, jeans so ornately embroidered that it could put any fashionable girl to shame, funny gigantic glasses and elfin shoes told me he likes Emraan Hashmi and tries to emulate him, in style as well as actions. God bless you, Emraan, and your marvelous fan following...

And how can I forget those who look upon these one-on-one chats as a means to vent and displace their agony akin a free counseling session? I begin with something as harmless as "What's your best quality/talent?" and end up listening to an entire monologue about how the parents did not allow the child to play and pursue cricket as a career, and after that the child never quite did anything out of his own volition, and he now lives a life completely directed and commanded by his Paa and Maa. Interesting... And worrisome... The psychologist inside me really aches after hearing these stories.

But well, that's just a little glimpse of some things in my profession. It's as much entertainment as it is hard work. After all, training people and raising their competencies in a matter of weeks/months is no child's play. My next Academy batch starts after my vacation (Pondi, yipppeeee!)and I shall be super busy in Feb, what with the family expecting a baby any moment. The stork better wait until Feb 15!

About the TOEFL, well, it was... umm... what should I say... I guess it was OK, I don't really know. I think I did a good job on the entire test, though I was smiling throughout for heaven knows what reason. And then I got bored on the extra reading section, and passively answered the questions in the listening section. The speaking section was not as bad as I had expected; the prompts were pretty good, but I lost sense of time and found the time allotted for speaking short. What I sure did fantastically on is the writing section (no surprise there, right?!) where I gave a free rein to my imagination and language skills. Woohoo!! The TOEFL is gone and done with. Hushhhhh... No more tests for me now at least for the next 6 months! Of course, there's the evaluation bit - my Michigan State Univ (MSU) telephonic interview is on the 4th and I have to make sure I crack it and get an admit. There's also UT McCombs and NYU Stern... All in good time.

And now for the shopping bit - I bought a pair of sexy shorts (something I've wanted to own for a millennium, so what if I really don't have much opportunity to wear them?) My mum all but collapsed when I showed her my latest buy. What with the funky tube top I bought on New Year's and now these glam shorts, she's worried about the direction my fashion sense and ultra-modern brain is taking :-D But she's a great sport, and now she wants me to buy a nice short skirt as well ;-) Wanted to do that, but didn't get anything chic enough...

Another chic-y thing was my evening at Stone Water Grill (or SWG, if you will). This swanky place in Koregaon Park sure is one must-visit. True, it's expensive and I didn't quite love the music, but the crowd, food and ambience is amazing. Particularly the Char Grilled Mushrooms... Yumm, so juicy... and the sauce was just right!

That's all for now. Will keep you posted about further developments.

Asta La Vista!

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