Tuesday, October 13

Festive Greetings

My first ever vote... I was so excited when I went to the polling booth yesterday :-) I turned 18 six winters ago, but only now am I a responsible citizen! Der aaye, durust aaye!! Cheers!!

It was a HUGE move on the part of the state government to declare a holiday for the election. In fact, offices were threatened to be penalized if they remained open. Think of the loss of productivity! Honestly, if NOW the Indians don't go to vote, they're a useless lot. Jaago Re to no avail...

Waise toh I hate procrastination, but when it comes to spring-cleaning (or Diwali saaf-safai, in the patriotic nomenclature) then I can be exceedingly lazy. There are times when I lay my cupboard bare for no special reason and clean and arrange stuff diligently. (Recall the time I discovered I had over 70 tops and t-shirts?) But come Diwali and I develop an aversion to any sort of mopping spree.

Could be because my mum is the Devil Incarnate when it comes to scrubbing the entire house, walls, ceiling, closets, et al. Maybe this is reverse psychology in action... Like I used to like brinjal (also called eggplant), but since I’ve met so many people who dislike it, I’ve also started feeling a tad uncomfortable with the poor vegetable. Crazy, eh?!!

Nevertheless, I was forced to dust my wooden book-rack (that I coerced my dad into buying 3 Diwalis ago) coz my mum was wreaking havoc on the kiddies bedroom (now Bhaiya-Bhabhi’s love-nest). I was dreading the assignment on Saturday evening, but tell you what! I had the coolest time going through my book collection, some dating back to my pre-school days, others I’d read recently but could not recollect in entirety (what is called retroactive interference in Psychology – new learning displaces old learning which means you can’t correctly remember the old stuff as the new stuff keeps popping into your head).

(Did you know Psychology is called Manovigyaan or Maanas-Shastra in Hindi?)

Uff… trust me to divert from the topic after every few words… So, I was browsing through my paperbacks, and I came across a whole bunch of novels that I’d like to read again. Which includes my teenage Enid Blyton Famous Five’s and the silly spate of books that came out after the phenomenal success of Five Point Someone. I also want to re-read the Mahabharata, but I’m just too occupied at the moment. Once Diwali and my b-school applications are out of the way, I sure shall embark on this splendid project. (Cambridge done, Kellogg almost over. Yippee!!)

As I’ve already shared with you, I’m a pakka Cancerian when it comes to preserving all my old stuff. I uncovered a whole lot of my B.A. and M.A. notes in my book-shelf. It’s the usual “pata nahi kab kaam aaye” story… Despite the fact that I’ve not seen them once after I graduated…

Anyways, meri chhodo. Wassup with you fellas? Are you also washing your houses and buying things for Diwali? Oct 16 to 19 are the days I believe, which is Friday-Monday. This year is pretty sad in the sense that most festivals and national celebrations are over the weekend, so we are missing quite a few holidays. Still I'm not complaining. Friday and Monday were delight enough for me :-P

Ye know, each time I open my blog, I feel proud :-) However, I am aware that the quality seems to be dwindling. I must take time out to write better stuff, and not just movie and TV show reviews. I promise, once my pressing concerns are addressed, I shall surely make it up to you. But will that encourage you readers to get out of your passive, anonymous and silent mode? Can I expect more comments and feedback from you rather than just the increasing hits on my Ticker? I need incentive to work you see…

Hmm… Here I go again… Expecting things from most folks that I don’t even know personally… I can’t help it, ladies and gentlemen. I know I need to get less serious and more casual if I want my relationships to continue peacefully. I know I demand and complain more than ordinary folks. Par main kya karoon, aisi hi hoon main… And if I try to be what I’m not, then people say I’m not myself and I’m behaving weird and detached… Dilemma…

Chalo, dekhi jayegi…

Happy Diwali!


vishal said...

Hey Happy Diwali,
I can emphatise with u when it comes to cleaning one's shelf.It's completely crazy..Can't wait for Deepavali to come and yeah.will try to motivate u by giving some innovative comments..
Anyways,just chill n be the way u are

ani_aset said...

i just had nice masala baigan :P.i would rather disagree..i find your posts more interesting now. However you can write about certain things you feel close to in seperate posts, rather than all in one single post.

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