Saturday, October 24

Anuja Times

A round of applause, fellas. I finally bought new shoes. Nike. White. Very simple. Very stylish. Yeah.

Still no progress with the jeans though. Spent over 2 hours at Mega Mart the other day, checked out a variety of jeans. All types – slim fit, straight fit, stretch and tapering. Hated them all. Quite a few sizes, too. (Let’s skip the details about this!) No luck. Shopping for jeans and shoes is a guy thing, and I find myself extremely in need of a man when I have to shop for such stuff.

The matter was further complicated by a colleague who expressed that boot-cuts (my favorite style in bottoms) are outdated, and the latest in fashion are skin-fitting jeans. After my unproductive trip to the jeans section, the verdict is – trend or no trend, it’s boot-cuts for me. Spykar, here I come…

Hey, check out this awesome piece of information – Dorabjee now sells Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream! It’s obviously dear, with a single can costing anywhere between 400-600 Indian Rupees. But, I’m sure a special occasion deserves a Ben and Jerry’s! Go for it…

Also, the Landmark sale is still on. At least it was on Saturday. I desperately want to purchase the third book in the Twilight series - Eclipse. I was dying to watch the film (just like I've been dying to swim, but as you can see, I'm very much alive yet.) As luck would have it, one of my colleagues was dowloading the first movie at work and I've managed to catch part of it during my breaks. OH MY GOD... I dunno when I've felt SO excited before... The print is awesome (way to go, Torrent!) and Bella is verrrryy pretty - quite like Hermione in the Potter series. Jacob is a disappointment, my imagination was much better than his real character. And the Cullens... Goodness, they took my breath away... Rosalie looks mean, though and her walk isn't exactly as graceful as described in the book. But what's a screwed up gait as compared to a fantastic movie?!! Edward looks delicious, and te way he looks at Bella gives ME goosebumps! Thanks, Ameya... I owe you one... After you download the second part ;-)

By the way, I finally visited Costa Coffee. It’s such a marvelous place! I completely fell in love with it. The ambience is great, the sofa in the corner is bootylicious and the music is lovely. The prices are comparable to Barista, and the eatables aren’t too great. But the drinks are nice (obviously I mean coffee) and the crowd’s chic and mature. No rowdy teenagers, no cranky baccha-log. Must visit. Located near Zafraan and Aquaa in Panchsheel Tech Park. Close to the airport, remember?

The movie updates are like this – Blue seems to have done too much publicity yet not garnered enough interest. The movie has received very average reviews (as I’d expected). Sanju baba has loads of style and paunch, while Akki is as daredevil and boastful as ever. Zayed and Lara (expectedly) have little to do, and Kylie has created ripples with her “chiggy wiggy” track. The story is about a sunken ship that holds a treasure known by Sanjay Dutt, which Akshay Kumar is eager to set hands on. For some reason, Sanju hides the secret until he needs to save his own brother Zayed. Finally, they set out and create some cool action sequences. The climax is thanda, and so is my keenness to watch this film. Akshay is pretty monotonous these days, and too much publicity really psyches me out.

I watched All The Best, though. The trailers looked good, and I thought this Golmaal-lookalike might be interesting. Wasn’t. At least for me. My family loved it. Fardeen is as lost as he was in No Entry, and the ladies (Bips and Mugdha Godse) merely adorn the sets. Seems like changing the name hasn’t wizened Ajay Devgan (oops, I mean Devgn) much. Must give him credit for his new look, though. Sanju baba, as usual, is endearing and elegant. What sure disappointed me was that the fantabulous Johny Lever plays a dumb (I mean mute) thug. Nobody can do comedy like Lever bhai, and to make him mime is to shoot a prize horse in the leg. He makes up for it in the climax, thankfully, when one chamaat by Sanju re-starts his voice-box.

There’s no plot as such in the picchar. Sanju is a maha-rich NRI and his step-brother Fardeen keeps hoodwinking him so that he and his friend Ajay can lay hands on some extra pocket money. As luck would have it, Sanju lands in Goa unannounced one day, and then starts the series of crazy bhagam-bhag. Certainly not hilarious if you’ve watched and loved Andaz Apna Apna and Golmaal. The fun quotient of the movie is strictly average and the songs are unremarkable. You do join the uproar at times thanks to the “Just Chill” guy and some crazy misunderstandings. Definitely not a must-watch, but OK if you are bent on watching something or the other on a rainy day. Apparently the cash registers at the box office are rejoicing. Good for them all.

In my opinion, there’s hardly any good movie running. Even Aladin that released yesterday, I fear, starring Big B and Riteish Deshmukh and Jacqueline will crash at the box office. I plan to watch it, regardless. Love the man called
Inquilab Srivastav. Hail Amitabh!

On my MBA abroad front, the updates are that I have finished applying to Kellogg and Cambridge. I now have to work on my other applications to Michigan Broad, Texas Austin and NYU Stern. I'm feeling very positive about the entire process, so let's hope the admission decisions are in my favor. What is sure keeping me busy is the 3rd essay at Stern (on creative description of self). I must admit I'm quite pleased with my efforts and I'm praying the admissions committee is too... After all, I've risked having my fingers stuck together each time I used Feviquick! What an awesome glue, man!! The makers deserve a pat on the back :-)

I've spent over 30,000 greenies on the applications, plus 1500 to courier my stuff to the US... And I'm wondering how I shall manage to fund my study abroad that can cost anything between US$60,000-90,000 per year for 2 years. There are quite a few b-schools and universities that are encouraging me to apply and promising waivers and scholarships to a priority candidate (coz I'm a woman and I have a pretty good GMAT score). Unfortunately, they are not choices I would voluntarily make...

Add the fact that mum's outta station for 2 weeks starting today and I'll have to shoulder all the household responsibilities single-handedly as Bhabhi's at her maika. Where's the time, people?!!!
Oh ya, almost forgot - tonight's the Bacardi Megamixx party (previously Bacardi Blast, which used to be the best party in town) at Kapila Resorts, Wagholi. DJ Suketu and Medieval Punditz will rock the show. I wasn't planning to go but a friend won free passes and it appears like I'm going. C ya there...

Catch ya later.



ani_aset said...

you sure about costa coffee? the experience in mumbai juhu outlet was horrible..bad service, bad coffee..Even i think aladin will bomb

Princess said...

The one in Pune is fairly decent... It's near the airport, try it.

vishal said...

Hi,just watched All the Best..It'S GOOD THERAPY AND ANTI STRESS..Sanju as usual is treat to watch and the man is a rock star.Kya personality re mamu!!!Mugdha is soo photogenic...yeah Alladin I'm eagerly waiting for..perfect combo's gonna work..ive seen d tralor special effects n good music by Vishal-Shekhar duo.Amitabh is one like him in the industry..By the way Amitabh has rebdered a song..a folk one from U.P which he did in his show in London long time bak Ore saawariya sasur ghar jaana..i love it..

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