Friday, February 12


There. I did it. I jinxed myself by adulating the frequency and regularity of my blog posts.

Hope you did not miss me much. I haven't missed writing much for the simple reason that I've been too busy to notice when hours turned to days and days to weeks. 

Same old story, did you say. 

Well, you're not far from the truth. 



I've been reading a bit lately. Currently on my shelf is K. Hari Kumar's "That Frequent Visitor". While the language is too adorned (fake/presumptuous) for my liking - the number of similes and allegories is staggering and disturbing; the plot is fairly interesting. Waiting to see if it ends on the same high note or dips to a disappointing dawdle.

I finished Kepler's Hypnotist before that (don't recall if I mentioned it or not), and the book lost grip midway through. I'd have liked a little more hypnotism weaved into the story. Too much flashback and too little meat killed the experience for me. The writer is certainly gifted, though. 

I've ordered a couple of Vish Dhamija's books. Let's see how they turn out to be. 

So, the great news that I'm going to share with you (** drumroll **) is that I'm taking off for a fortnight to the queen of dream destinations - Jammu. The plan is to visit Vaishnodevi with our bundle of joy, then attend a wedding with the family and visit Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Amritsar and Wagah on the way back. I directly fly off to Hyderabad after that for official reasons, and I am sure the next 3 weeks will bring a fat lot of fun and learning. Super excited, and promise to fill you in first chance I get.

That's about it for now. Gotta rush, so much packing to be done and loads of work to wind up in office before I finally say Adieu!



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