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Tuesday, September 29

Ganpati Bappa More-ya!

Hello there. 

Times are better, and I thank you all for I don't know which one of yours' prayer worked for me. That's why I dropped in sooner this time - to express my gratitude and relieve all you worried folks who dropped notes with your love, wishing me strength and joy. 

Bright dawns appear after the darkest of nights, and I lived my hell last week. Things were downright ugly, so much so, that the future could bring nothing but improvement. Whilst I cannot call life perfect just yet, I am hopeful that with time and patience, and some hard work on all fronts, the situation might turn positive. Maybe Ganpati Bappa could not bear to see me breaking any more, and he flipped my life on its head. 

Wish the Lord does the same with you and yours :-)

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!
The news this time around is that my little bub has started going to daycare. Day 1 was obviously not a breeze, and the teacher had me come pick him up 2 hours after he was dropped. The poor chap obviously felt lost and abandoned, and it broke my heart to see him wailing for me. 

Oh the woes of modern life! If I did not have to worry about my monthly pay cheque, I would give up my job and take care of the tiny angel day and night. However, the bills don't pay themselves, and our expenses are far from humble. Somebody rightly said - I purchased a house and thought I'd rest in it, but the needs of the house have made me an eternal traveler. I have so many dreams and so many plans, for myself and my child. Don't know how much I will be able to do, and whether he will appreciate it or not when he comes of age. But, I don't want him to be thinking of money all the time, and not living his life the way he wishes because his mother did not have more than enough to provide for him.

No, I don't mean I was raised in penury. However, I was more than aware that my parents did not have legacies named after them, and they went through some very tough times. This scarred my attitude for life, and money became a critical factor in all that I thought and did. "Budget" and "negotiation" were my watch words, and I have a work experience of over 10 years (at my age) coz I started working when I was a teen, to pay for my expenses and not be a burden on my family. I missed all those coffee hangouts with my friends, as my wallet bore just enough money to travel by bus to college, and I even shoplifted once (more on a dare than for selfish intents) to jazz up my clubbing wardrobe. 

The stories we all harbor inside us! 

I recall someone quoted that there is a book inside each one of us, and I heartily agree. 

Though of course, not all need to be told and read, and hence, I shall stop my autobiography here.

Hope you all are enjoying the spate of long weekends! Three in a row, but marred by the fact that there is absolutely no rain and the weather is dry and scalding hot. Pune is going through a water crisis and many areas get water supply once in two days. We're lucky, in our side of town, to have water all day (thanks to tankers) but I fear to think what will happen during the peak summer season what with the monsoons giving us a miss this year. Farmer suicides and so much loss. Darn this climate. And add to it, Syria and Hajj, and the globe looks a sorry picture...

Let's pray for us all, everyone. Someday, hopefully, things will get rosier. For you, for me, and for everybody. 


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