Monday, February 10

Sharing Anubhav's (ahem Experience, duh!)

Hola you!

I know some of you must be wondering how my nomination at the top bloggers award by Blogadda fared. While I was touched and excited by all your display of affection and support, “Life…” did not make it to the top 5. No regrets, albeit I can’t deny feeling a little blue.

I mean I started off as a teenager using text language and venting off dreams and emotions on my blogspot page akin a dear diary. The blog (and I) sure have come a long way. Thanks to all your feedback and appreciation. My first victory (which still continues) is when I see my followers list growing and people walking up to me telling me they love what I write; feels absolutely fantastic! A few bloggers and acquaintances were kind and knowledgeable enough to recommend a few changes to my blog and I took it with grace. I also did a lot of research, checked other blogs (to learn what I was doing right or wrong) and amended my blog. Thankfully I had the time then to pursue my passion with fervor. Now, with family and work commitments abounding, I have very little time to write, let alone check other blogs and aim for improvement. Apologies to you, and my hobby, for this miss. Earning bread and butter (and jam and mayo) takes precedence over pastimes, you sure would agree.      

Anyhow, I do plan to continue on my blogging journey and get better, every passing day. Someday, I hope, I stand a chance to win accolades in this area of life too. Thanks to all of you…

Well, having given you that update, let me tell you about something new I experienced at work in the past few days. There is a concept called “Friday Matinee” at Hitachi Consulting (GDC) where we screen a movie for all employees and review it together gleaning lessons. The first such program I attended a last week was highly interesting and enlightening. We watched a 1952 film called ’12 Angry Men’ starring and produced by Henry Fonda (Jane Fonda’s pop). This black and white production lasting an hour and half is a delightful watch, one that I suggest you take the time to check out. There is a Hindi remake as well, but as you all know, the original is always better than the copies or sequels.

The story revolves around 12 jurors who have to unanimously decide whether a young boy accused of killing his father is guilty or not. While 11 of the jury start off with a “guilty” vote, the last one succeeds in pulling all of them over to the other side by using his reason and logic. The unique behaviors of all the men, their stories and transformations are truly marvelous. And the number of lessons to learn, outstanding! It talks about teamwork and courage, confidence and empathy, trust and humility. But shan’t let the cat out of the bag, you must go and watch it yourself. Get some popcorn while you’re at it.

Another experience at work - I tamed the bull, a raging maniac who always communicated rudely. I was a little flustered initially, but I managed to assertively put him in his place. It was a proud achievement, and the outcome is very pleasant (and I hope lasting). Just like the movie above, this goes to show that you need not always bow down to pressure and stress. You need to stand your ground, and clearly let the others know your needs and perspectives.

Hassee to Phassee has released this week, and I have heard pretty decent reviews. Since I am on leave all of next week, I might just catch it in my free time. Also need to catch up on my reading – I have been asked to review “The Hunt for Kohinoor” by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar on request from Westland Books. Not going to spill any beans now, but plenty to say in the 50-odd pages I’ve read so far. You gotta wait for the book review that shall be published here shortly. Professional obligation, you see :-)

The Sale season is on, have you set hands on anything in the million malls yet? I got 2 jeans – they were a steal at 600 each (2 for the price of 1) at Megamart. Go go go!!  

My nephew celebrates his 4th birthday in Mumbai today so I’m off to wish him and shower him with love. Brother and sis-in-law also complete 8 years of marriage, so it is one huge celebration with the family. We were planning to hit Imagica, what with it being my husband's fake birthday and the Valentine's day worldwide. But the recent accident there (also with some Rathi’s from Kolkata) has made us change our minds. Apparently, the amusement park is still on despite that one ride being stalled. This is India, my dears! Had it been abroad, the victims would have been compensated generously and the entire place would have shut down for repairs and maintenance. India oh India… You have a moronic Rahul Gandhi trying to become who he isn't (missed the catastrophic interview with Arnab "ArGo" Goswami - click here to laugh and.or pull your hair like a madman) and a “stupid” janta who have to immigrate in order to be valued for their work and intelligence (Go Satya Nadella!)   

I always have these arguments on Facebook with people on my friends list about our views on India. They think they need to support everything Indian merely to show their patriotism. I disagree. I am patriotic too, but I am not afraid to acknowledge the errors and shortcomings of the greatest (pseudo) democracy in the world.

And before we start off on that again, adieu!


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

I feel that Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota but yeah there are problems in India but, at least, people are speaking about it. This is what I feel and laud people working hard to change things. About the awards, no worry! The biggest award are your followers who keep growing massively on the block and your writing is something that makes me wanna come back again. It's an award in itself:)

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