Monday, October 14

Naya Job, Naya Phone... Super Baddhiya!!

Hi fellas,

Happy Dushera! May all evil in your life die and goodness and success persist :-) 

My life at work was nothing short of torture these last few months. While professional ups and downs are common in every working man/woman’s life, not many lows last as long as my last 1.5 years. All thanks to a horrible manager who I shall not name here, but let me assure you, no matter how bad yours is, mine was worse.  

Am I glad to say it’s over!

Despite my getting promoted to an Assistant Manager level, my work at IBM had become mundane and the policies and environment were no longer favorable for my career growth. I’d started off as a travel executive with Optimos and later became a part time language instructor at inlingua. Armed with a masters in Psychology, I knew training was my calling and I took up training and consultant positions at Alchemy and Yellowbox. A break in IBM was too good to be true and I accepted their offer as a Learning Facilitator primarily in the VnA and communication skills domain. My final goal was the LnD department so I took up projects and stretch assignments in Learning and OD. A lot of initiatives and hard work got me excellent ratings throughout, but my ambition remained beyond reach. Apart from that, I was at the receiving end of a lot of warm wishes but more envy and hatred. It took its toll on me; I am a very sensitive person and I get attached mighty quickly. But well, here we are – a dream opportunity arose with Hitachi Consulting, an IT firm in Magarpatta and I grabbed it with both hands. Only time will tell whether my decision was right or wrong, but for now, two days later, I am a happy professional. Touch wood!

(And a big chunk of that merriment goes to a new LG G2 handset that I have bought and my new employer will sponsor... Killer, innit?!! Loving the new phone... and learning its myriad functions!)

Between IBM and Hitachi, I had a nice 10-day break.

Initially, it seemed like a heavenly and welcome lengthy period and I was elated at the prospect of having over 200 hours all to myself, do the things that I long wanted but never could for various reasons. As I’ve said before, 24 hours in a day is not enough. With handling the house as well as going to work full time, along with keeping family and personal commitments, there is no space left for leisure or relaxation. I was looking forward to catching up on my reading, sleeping, watching movies and TV shows.

And yet, as the 10th day drew to a close, I realized that I’d not done half the things that I had planned. Though I managed to finish John Grisham’s The Racketeer (a fine book with great narration) and commence Ramesh Menon’s Siva (fantastic so far), others like And the Mountains Echoed, Inferno and several Readers Digests remained unopened. I’ve seen a few of the latest movies (reviews up on the blog already) and I’ve also watched my favorite (Anger Management, Two and a Half Men, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Masterchef) and not so favorite (Bigg Boss, WWE) shows. However, my Disney cartoons and movies on the laptop stay untouched :-(

All in good time, I guess. I shall have the evenings all to myself going forward so I still have a chance to complete all the pending stuff listed above. Unfortunately, I will have to be an early bird, contrary to my night owl lifestyle of 3.5 years. Let’s see how these changes agree with me...

What’s up next? A lot of learning so that I can start performing my AM in Learning and Development role with poise and efficiency. Travel as well, to get to know my professional network and team. Our new house is almost ready so we need to get started on the interior work. Also, a trip to Tirupati and my native place is on the cards. October and November will pass in a the blink of an eye, and come December, we’ll be getting ready to welcome the new year with new resolutions and plans.

What’s ticking at your end? Diwali plans and cleaning I suppose... Wish you a wonderful festive season!


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Anuja, I am so happy for you and wish u the best Diwali. The lull is a phase that kills us and going through this phase. Keep me in ur wishes and gonna bounce back soon.

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