Wednesday, August 7

Beautiful Stranger

What’s it about strangers that is so sinister and yet (or maybe therefore) so appealing?

The way he looks at you, the way she flicks her hair back, the toss of his head, her casual sigh…

There’s a ring to it that is second to none.

You look at so many people for the n’th time, and they never give you a reason to think about them again in the same restless, vibrant way.

So many people that we have met for the first time and wanted to meet again so that we could get to know them better… as friends, acquaintances, lovers, even partners…

The mysterious man or woman comes by in your life, and leaves an impression that you can neither admire nor avoid. All you can do is wonder what would happen next.

Of all the people that you meet and form a judgment about, that you decide you cannot stand even for one more second, or that you know you will be BFF with… but that alluring stranger that you need some more time with, before you can tag them as this or that.

And then, they become your world or a forgettable part of it. But until such time, all you got, is a weird and hopeful feeling that won’t go away. The soft voice in your head that says, “What if…”

Everything that person did or said in that miniscule meeting becomes etched in your mind for life. You relive that memory and modify bits of it, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes subconsciously. You kick yourself for something silly that you said, or chide yourself for not saying something smart. An opportunity missed, a chance ignored.

Everything seems more glamorous in retrospect. The man or woman becomes prince charming or the queen of your dreams. Just one more meeting, you plead…

Pretty butterflies concealed in your stomach suddenly come to life and flutter wildly about, if the heavens up above decide to bless you and you set eyes on that elusive stranger once again.

How do I know?

Coz I feel them every time I look at you…

My then boyfriend and now husband.

Every time is the first time, and each time I see you I fall deeper in love with you…

More than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

And I want it to be that way forever…

My beautiful, adorable stranger.

Akhilesh, I love you.

You have made me the luckiest woman in the world.

Thank you for making me yours.

I feel this today - the 393rd day of our holy matrimony, and every day that I call you mine.

Forever yours and yours alone,

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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Congrats to both of you. Lovely post:)

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