Thursday, June 27

Why Be a Pain...?

Why would you hurt someone else? Doesn’t it sting you when somebody gives you grief? Don’t you curse that person and your fate for bringing you misfortune and sorrow?

If someone is not as gifted or lucky as you, why would you make life difficult for him or her? Do you not realize that that person needs a little more sympathy, a tad more support?

When someone loves you and wants more of you in terms of time or affection, why would you make them feel bad about it? You might make them beg you now, but in the long run you will be the one that misses them when they’re gone.

You with your fancy clothes and chic possessions, you with your pretty face and social circle, what use is all this when you have an ugly heart? A heart that has no respect or empathy for the not so pretty and not so popular ones?

It’s ridiculous that you would only look at things from your own perspective.

It is nothing but selfish self-centredness that you can only feel your own pain and not the sufferings of others.

You giggle when they weep, but Karma finally has the last laugh.

Do you really think you’re above it all, and that you’re the most awesome thing on the planet? Are you so fatuous as to consider yourself god’s gift to the human race?

Coz you’re not. And if someone else is distressed due to you, then it is going to come back a full circle.

We all come to earth in the same way, and we all leave it an identical manner. What matters is what we do in between – spread joy or tears.

In the end, what counts is not how rich you are or how much you achieved, but how much you did for others.

What’s the point in donating a million bucks to charity but never sparing a moment to check if your upset colleague could do with a friendly ear?

You suck up and lick ass of those above you, but do you know that your character depends on how you treat those below you?

Nobody has everything in this world. What is of the essence is what you do with the little or lot that you have got.

Coz you might be blessed in this life, can’t say the same for the next.

Do good, be kind. We create our own destiny by doing what we do and not behaving how we need to.

Forgive those that have troubled you. Be nice to the people that don’t deserve it because they need it the most. Love as fully as you can, live as completely as possible.

It's easy to be bad, it's being good that needs greatness and strength.

There are thousands who make others feel low, can you be someone who spreads joy where they go?

Don’t give up on your friends, they are few and rare. Don’t forget your parents and family when luck smiles on you. They will be with you when everyone else deserts you.

Don’t let things or people bother you. Pray for them all. On your deathbed, ensure that you only have positive memories from the life that you have seen and lived.

Never mind what others say or think of you. Their opinion does not decide what fate hands you.

And if you feel your spirit dipping and hope diving, hum this jingle which gives me energy and peace…

Kisi ko smile dena, kisi ko khush kar jaana, agar ye sab crazy hai…
... Haan main crazy hoon!



Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hi Anuja
It's an education reading your post. Happiness, self-respect and respect for others, love and friends is what count the most in life. The rest doesn't matter.

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hey Anuja nominated u for a bunch of blog awards. Plz check



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