Wednesday, January 11

Plan Away !!

I’ve written a whole lot of stuff in the last couple of months (and years), haven’t I?

About things that I have done, experienced, seen, wanted, hated…

About people and their eccentricities, egos, kindness and impiety…

About life, in general and in particular, about reality and imagination…

Books, travel, trivia and fun, and so much more…

Let me tell you now about my plans this year… the ones confirmed as well as tentative… Which one is which, I still can’t say for sure, but I promise you’ll know as soon as I know :-)

Personally, I wish to be married. This comes on top of my list, as I now approach 28. I’ll complete 27 in July and it’s a very good time to be wedded, I presume. Any delay now would result in me choosing to enjoy my singlehood for life. And wouldn’t that be a curse for all you bachelors out there :-D

Funnily enough, I recall that one of the many pundits that my parents keeps consulting every now and then, stated that I would be married between 2009-2011. We’re well into 2012 now, and I still don’t see a sign of me tying the knot yet. Better late than never, though… I’m 90% sure it will happen this year. My personal tarot reading confirms my gut instinct :-)

Professionally, I want to climb up the ladder to an Assistant Manager level at IBM. Having been a part of the training fraternity for the last 5 odd years, I really want to take it to the next step and handle not only training for accounts, but also a team that I can nurture and promote.

From the perspective of life, frankly speaking, there’s nothing I have missed or given up on. I’ve lived every moment and done what my heart bade me so there are no unfulfilled wishes per se. However, I would certainly like to travel and read more.

Next on my expedition list, is Goa (not for the first time obviously!) This, I’m planning for a week in Feb. Been ages since I went there. And then Coorg (first time) in March. My weekend Spanish classes were what bound me to the city these last 4 months, else after Binsar in April 2011 and Ladakh in Aug 2011, I was eyeing the Andamans as a potential tourist destination. Soon, soon. Also Langkawi, New Zealand, Mauritius and so on…

You know what, I’m not really short of money. I’ve got sufficient moolah to live happily for the next couple of months (or more). I might just decide to take a sabbatical from work, or work part-time. With all the free time that I have on my hands, I will then pursue activities that I’ve compromised upon and forsaken in the last 18 months since I joined IBM. These include swimming, walking, reading and blogging.

If it would pay me, I would certainly write a book and not just a personal blog. True, I do appreciate you’all for visiting my shoddy page filled with cranky anecdotes and writing in ever so often to encourage and please me, but I’d love to have a book published, hard-bound and all. Writing inspires and delights me. I would merrily take it up as a full-time profession if only I could train myself to be more serious about my hobby.

Swimming and walking make me feel more confident and happy. Not to mention, healthy and lively.

Reading transports me to another world, a place where my worries are pulverised and another’s life becomes my own… Horizons expand and limitations ebb. Sentiments become more acute and awareness increases in myriad ways. Indeed, reading is not just a pastime, but a commitment, a passionate duty. One that most of us give up effortlessly without even realising it. And then, to coax and bring it back is an effort that most of us fail to make or fail to internalize.

But am I not getting too self-centred now… I’d also add to that list, the desire to spend time with people that matter. I’ve been working 5 long days a week with not a moment to spare, and that too inhuman (or rather un-Indian) shifts. I’ve missed occasions and moments with friends and family that I would love to make up for. Though not the types that enjoy every second with the family, I surely acknowledge and fully realise the fact that my presence gives them much joy and satisfaction. With “limited weekends that rush past too fast” out of the way, I can not only enjoy recreation in solitude but also spare some time for them without regret or irritation. I’m sure my mum, Mamaji’s and Abba-Ammi would totally agree with me…

But for now, let’s just talk about things that are in my control – namely, a haircut, tattoo and shopping in the multiple sales declared in malls around the city. Got myself a warm, purple sweater at the Pantaloon’s sale a few days ago; their shirt/tshirt collection sucks, but the winter wear section is exciting. Westside, Central, Levi’s are next on my list. Hopefully, my wardrobe should see a makeover soon.

Tattoo? Yeah. Been wanting one for ages, but don’t have the b*lls to bear the pain. Say what you wish, but bearing pain doesn’t come easy to my mind or body. Yet, I absolutely want to get inked, and have been deliberating over an image for sometime now. My favourite symbol is the Shiva trident, but I’m open to getting something more feminine or personal printed on me. It’s a thrilling idea, and I am completely geared up to face this new experience.

And haircut… well, this is a dilemma. I like my long tresses but there’s only so many ways you can style long hair. Having colored it a few times in the past, I would like to do something more revolutionary. But let’s wait and watch for now.

And of course, the legendary eye surgery that will help me see the world eye to eye (literally). After last year's bhasad I'm a little jittery about the entire affair, but probably in March if things go right... After some money showers in Feb and March courtesy IBM - proud to be an IBMer !!!

Will let ya know…!!

Plan away :-)


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