Saturday, December 17

YOU... El Perfecto

Perfect men don’t exist… or so everyone says.

It’s true that people appear perfect when you know them a little, and then once you get closer, their flaws and vices seem enormous and unbearable. So much so that you wonder how and why you’d found that individual “tested and ok” just for you… “Tujhe zameen pe bulaya gaya hai mere liye” types…

It’s happened to me. Being charmed and then disenchanted. It happens to everybody. That’s what makes us human, the ability to feel different things for the same person at different times.

But you…

You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. It’s amazing to know you.

I would be lying if I said that you’ve got it all – mindblowing genius, stunning looks, great pedigree, all the success, luxuries and money in the world. But your attractiveness, simplicity, honesty, humour, sensitivity, capability and decency more than make up for what’s not excellent. When you smile, your eyes glistening with mirth like an innocent child, I forget everything that is not right. Your warmth make me lose myself.

I wonder how God made a person as pure and loving as you. It’s unfair. But, I am not complaining! After all, you’re mine…

You sometimes falter in knowing exactly when to say what to who. But you know when I need a hug. Anything I say is a command that you fulfil like a genie without a moment’s doubt or hesitation. I have to occasionally shut you up when you are about to land in a soup, but your voice is the music that rings in my ears and makes me feel divine. No surprise then that I love you. Coz you are you.

Work and pleasure – you make the best of both, and give both your best. Family and friends – you strike the ideal balance. The lengths to which you go to make them comfortable and happy is incredible. Even though it bugs me sometimes, you do not let that affect your loyalty. And that reassures me that you shall never let me down either.

You admire everyone and see the strengths in each individual. You are as positive as you are charming, and you have the most generous and beautiful mind. I see the way you love and need me, and it simultaneously melts and fuels my heart. Your eyes so deep and moist, they scream to me to take you in my arms. Once there, time comes to a standstill…

I don’t have to guard myself from being hurt; hurting me is more torture for you than me myself. Such dedication! What passion! You know what I feel, and what I want, and you effortlessly make me feel special and accepted for who I am, as I am. You infuse joy and warmth in my life, and you have made me more kind and tolerant. While your own priorities could do with some help, you’ve surely given me a few lessons (unknowingly) on how to be a better person.

At work, you are the flawless professional – friendly, helpful, sociable, approachable and focused. People you like walk away feeling loved and appreciated thanks to you. Those that get on your wrong side learn never to do that again.

At home, I am your queen, and you remind me that through your words and actions. You make me feel like a pampered child, a sensible adult, a doting mom, a satisfied lover, a dear friend, crazy celebrity and partner-in-crime. You make me feel loved and protected in a million common and unusual ways. I am lucky to have you, but you keep telling me you can’t believe your luck at having me in your life, to call your own. I believe you. Maybe that’s why we’re meant to be.

I laugh and you look at me with twinkling eyes wishing I’d never stop. You have all the time in the world for me, and I know I mean the world to you. Nothing matters to you more than my happiness and well-being. As men around fake and sweat to please their companions, you exude a natural desire and ability to delight me. And the fact that you’ve convinced me of all this in barely any span of time is abso-flipping-lutely staggering.

You accept my (rare) shortcomings, though you dislike them heartily. Do you really believe that I am too good for you? You keep saying that, and how you are afraid that I’d go away coz you’re not good enough… Oh baby… You are my angel, and I am all yours. I’d be a fool to go away. Don’t you see how much I am in love with you?!!

You bring to my life romance and care, security and importance, and many more elements of a blissful, satisfying relationship. Any need that I have – material, financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and psychological – is perceived by you and attended to, before or as soon as I realise it. You do all that it takes, without being told, voluntarily, unwearyingly, sincerely, properly… coz I mean more to you than anything else.

When I snap at you, will you hold my hand and not lash back? When I cry with fear or failure, will you hug me tight? Will you forever and ever take me to be your one and only, come rain or snow?

Do you yourself have any demands? I've seen you lose control over yourself under the influence of fury and sorrow. I know you experience frustration and helplessness at times. Yet, you do not ask for anything from anyone. You just want to give, give and give. You believe in yourself and in the goodness of others. You’re a sage in a modern disguise, a fulfilled and complete person… Only expecting from yourself coz you are a self-made man, and reprimanding none but yourself for the things that don’t go right.

You’ve got it all. And you don’t even know it…

If you do, you never boast or strut. Okay, now I’m lying ;-) You do, but you are worth it! I've accepted everything about you, just as you have about me... Your ego, your anger, your immaturity and over-reaction... Had these not been there, I'd have thought that you're an angel come down from paradise...

Simple living, high thinking, appreciable dignity and gratitude - just some terms to describe the magnificent person that you are.

They say no one’s perfect.
You are. In every way.

The ways in which you may not be, I shall teach myself to accept you.
Coz you extraordinary. You’re perfect.

Most importantly, you’re mine…
And I thank you with all my heart and soul…

A heart and soul that is just yours to be…

Honoured and fortunate,
Yours truly

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