Saturday, October 29

Hearts of Gold

Some meet none.

I’m lucky to have met more than a few in my lifetime.

Don't need a thank you day to say this, I'm thankful for them every moment (even when I'm pissed with them!)

Say hullo to these abso-flippin-lutely fantastic folks... Not mentioned in any specific order.
Each of them are unique and special and incomparable.

Dr. Satish Pandit – The bestest doctor ever. He practices Ayurveda, which a lot of people scoff at, and quite a few swear by. Honestly, to me, it makes no difference coz he’s got a magical hand. This wizard can delightfully and effortlessly set right anything that’s not right. He’s not crude and heartless like some other physicians I see, know or hear about. His smiling face heals half the trouble, and his medicines do the rest. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in life, I think I’m blessed to know him. He’s got an answer for everything that aches your body and mind, and he knows the remedy for every malady, be it a simple cold or the most severe illness. Probably his bestest feature is that he doesn’t prescribe needless tests or expensive and complicated treatment. He calls a spade a spade, and cures your fears and fevers as simply and quickly as is humanly possible. Isn’t that what being a medical practitioner is all about? One person for who work is really worship! May god give him a long and healthy life. Just like he grants to so many other people… I’d be lost without him.

(Coincidentally, I'm unwell right now and he's on vacation and I'm eff-ing annoyed with him... but that's ok... he deserves his holiday!)

Ameya Gupte – A beautiful person and great friend. We met at work, and I couldn’t care less about who he was or what he did. But when we connected, damn, did we hit it! We were inseparable, and now though our ways have parted, we still nurture a million memories and a thousand laughs. He’s a gem. Completely reliable and amazingly humorous. The extent to which we think alike is incredible, and with him around, I know I have nothing to worry about. Ever. Coz he’ll be there… Love you, bud! Wish you all success, fun and girls in life ;-)

Shila Rathi – My aunt. She drives me up the wall at times, but her awareness about everything under the sun, outspokenness and sense of justice astound me. She is forever thoughtful and she pampers me like a spoilt child. In my times of celebration and difficulty, she has somehow always been there. And that’s really important because I clearly remember that no one else from my family was. She’s got her shortcomings, but who doesn’t? The fact that she is available for anyone that needs help expunges all her faults and failings. God bless her.

(Coincidence again... as I'm writing this she's traveling to Amravati to see her ailing mum. God bless her, too.)

Rakshith Shetty
– Another person I met at work and grew to became great pals with. Very sensible and extremely considerate, though he sometimes behaves like a callous, irritating nutcase. His maturity and patience sporadically impress me, and we’re in splits often over seemingly stupid jokes. When I am not beating him up, I’m sharing my never-ending observations, issues and PJs with him. Then depending on how he responds, I hit him again. And if I get hurt by my own mistake, he gets it all the more. So you see, it’s a fairly balanced relationship that we have. What are friends for, after all… right? Be there, mate. Else you know what’s coming… (Bam Pinch Bash Slap Punch Kick)

Sumant Jena – The most eligible bachelor I’ve ever met, and the perfect husband now, I am sure. I knew he’d be a great life partner even before I knew him as a friend. How did I meet him? At work again. (I think my workplaces have given me immense experience as a person and professional, as well as people and memories for life.) We’re not in touch anymore, and I don’t think we ever will be, such are the ways of fate. But that does not stop me from ranting about how awesome I think he is in every way. Hardworking, caring, sincere, responsible, honest… I could talk about his excellent qualities for hours. He’s always taken a helluva lot care of me, and I hold him in complete respect for that. He’s been perseverant and though we’ve had our fights, I’ve no complaints whatsoever. He’s infallible. I hope he has a great life and all goodness comes his way...

Sarika Lodha – Hmmm… I can’t decide whether I love her more or miss her more. I think I do both equally. There was a time when my world revolved around her. We were closer than the closest siblings, and I’ve never felt that way before or since. More disciplined and headstrong than me, less daring and audacious, and my well-wisher and guide, Sarikadi has been a great friend and companion. We chatted endlessly into the night, enjoyed gigantic chocolate cakes (when she wasn’t dieting or fasting), and shared a deep bond that all this distance has not been able to kill. She’s now married and has a bonny beautiful kid, and we haven’t met in years (at least it seems that way). Even our conversations happen once in months, and are sadly inadequate and decorous. Yet, I feel touched and bothered by her troubles, though they don’t seem to impact her as horribly as they sound to me. Very tolerant, this woman is. Wonder how. Wonder why. But I sure don’t wonder how lucky anyone who knows her is, to have her in their life. Intimately, I mean. She can be quite un-like-able at first meet, but once she allows you to know her, she’s super sensitive and super amazing! Love you, Di. Please stay in touch. And I request you to give yourself some importance and freedom. Stop being so conscientious and right all the time!! Others can take care of themselves sometimes. Even as I say this, I know there’s just no convincing you! Bear-hug and sloppy kisses you to you, my angel. Be happy always.

Hearts of Gold… The lot of you…

Not the end of the list, by any means... Will write about some more soon again :)

Thank you for entering my life and leaving a mark. Just don’t ever leave!!

Happy Diwali my lovelies ...

Blessed and forever grateful,


Vishal Bheeroo said...

Anuja Rathi!!!
That's a very commendable, enriching and admirable post.How many of us will do that.I admire you now and I really do.

Princess said...

Thanks Vishal :-)

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