Monday, May 23


Hey there!

Thanks all you new and old readers who have taken the time to read my million thoughts and 400-odd compositions.

Thanks is also in order to you lovely, big-hearted people who have chosen to follow my blog and comment when a topic or emotion touches you…

To all you darlings, I’m highly grateful. Thank you!

What I’ve been up to recently? Well, I can explain that in one single word – WORK.

I’ve been immensely busy these last 3 weeks. Since the time I returned from vacation (Binsar, Uttarakhand – read more by clicking here), my life has been a roller coaster. At work, I have scarcely realised when one week began and the passing weekend ended. 10 hours seemed to flash by in 10 seconds as I was neck-deep in assignments, projects, tasks and meetings. I did manage to network with most people, but I can still think of a hundred things that need to be done… As they say, if it’s over, it’s not work!

(Well, who said it? I just did…)

But I can’t say it hasn’t been fun. I enjoy what I do. No complaints. I’d rather have no time for breaks than sit around doing nothing all day. Working gives me a chance to prove my potential and exploit my capabilities. What more can a dedicated professional ask for?

I can answer that – appropriate resources, collaborative and invigorating environment and supportive colleagues.

Touch wood, coz I’ve got them all. IBM rocks :-)

(At least for me… Which is why I completed a merry and fruitful year here not too long ago. Cheers!)

True, I’ve been unable to spare time for my friends and callers during the day. They keep calling and sms-ing, and I forget to respond despite my best intentions. I’m afraid they’ll think I’m avoiding them or appearing pricey, but believe you me, if you’re reading this, it’s not something I want to do. I do try to call them after work, or during a break, but more often than not, it skips my mind. Apologies. And thanks for understanding...

I've had a lot of friends and acquaintances coming and appreciating me for being lively, cheerful, fresh and smiling all the time. Well... thank you!! It's not easy, to say the least... but it's naturally me. And those closest to me know how difficult I can be to handle. Indebted to you :-) catch ya over the weekend...

Weekends – wait a minute, aren’t they the phenomenon when you can relax and do as you please?

Not for me. These last few weekends have been, if possible, busier than the weekdays. I had chores to finish, people to meet, things to buy and bills to pay. I've had no time to watch any new movies (apart from some on TV) or eat out at my fav restaurants. With most of the urgent to-do’s out of the way, I can now afford to take it easy and just chill out this coming weekend. Exactly what I need…

Come to think if it, it’s been more than a few years now that I have been planning to learn Spanish and Salsa. Just can’t seem to make it happen. I’ve been too busy, and the inclination hasn’t been that great. Looks like I’ll be doing either or both with my spouse. Yep! My parents are actively looking out for a match for me, and I don’t think they’re going to take it well now if I turn down prospective grooms due to trivial reasons and weird fantasies. So be it! I don’t mind postponing my already delayed hobby plans if it guarantees that I shall be tutored with a permanent partner than a temporary one. LOL.

But hey, there’s also another reason. A more important reason, if I might add…

I want to get my eye surgery done - the lasik that will free me from my glasses and help me see the world eye to eye, literally!

I’d have been specs-free in March, but the doc gave me the slip twice and then for other reasons my idea of this operation got canned. Come June and I shall plan and implement this once and for all. I’ve had glasses for almost 15 years now, high time I renounced my dependency and acquired normal vision.

Yes, I am aware of the things that can go wrong (the most serious of which is that I could have a slight power again, thank god nothing worse). As long as my prescription is less, and my eyesight doesn’t go altogether (which I’ve been assured it won’t), it’s absolutely worth it.

Besides, it’s no big deal. 90% of the population today has poor vision – a fact that is well hidden with contact lenses. And of these 90%, at least 40% have had their laser operations done completely or partially successfully. I’m all for it. And my manager’s got hers done recently. So, I’m all the more eager and excited. Of course, I will have to take care for a few weeks, but ta-da! No worries post that. A life without glasses… OH-MY-GOD!! Can’t wait…

Also want to colour my hair, and make them shorter. But the length is quite alluring right now, and I frankly see no festive occasion or cause to celebrate by spending a bomb on a makeover. All in good time. Maybe sometime in August.

Talking about August, I wonder when it will start raining in Pune. It’s already pouring up north and Pune is bearing the brunt by getting warm and windy. The met dept says end of May, but don’t we all know how much we can trust them…

What else am I up to? Ummm, I’m reading two books on and off. The first is Why Mars and Venus Collide by John Gray (the same guy who wrote the multi-million copy bestseller Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus). It’s quite a compelling read, talking about how the genders react differently to stress and how relationships suffer coz we fail to accept and adapt to these differences. Shall write about that soon, for you all to know and benefit… I certainly am getting more enlightened by the page…

The other novel is The Shakespeare Curse by a J.L. Carrell. The cover and brief appeared pretty interesting, but 90 pages down, the book isn’t gripping enough.

Updates over, time up for now!

Have a goooooooooood day, you!

- Princess


Vishal Bheeroo said...

Hi Anuja
congrats for making 400 plus..many more to cum I'm read John Gray's work..its very interesting..indeed.
All d best for your future life as well

imparth said...

nice blog

Unknown said...

'Dabang', the first word comes to mind.

Nice post. Don't take me otherwise

Keep up the good work.

Princess said...

@Vishal - Thanks :) and good luck to u too!

@Imparth - My pleasure... Do keep visiting and writing in!

@Rachti - I won't take you any way :-) As long as you're reading and sharing feedback, you're most welcome!! Thanks!

Have a great day!

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