Wednesday, April 27

TTMM ( = Tu Tera, Main Mera)

You must’ve heard this abbreviation before. It stands for each one to his own.

In college, when pocket money is sparse, this usually indicates going dutch and paying their own expenses even when folks hang out as a gang. Works well, you can eat and drink what you want as per your budget without bothering about who’s ordering what and paying for another’s bills.

Why is this post titled TTMM? Coz…

Whoever said “treat others’ possessions are your own” sure wasn’t related to Harishchandra in anyway.

I mean, really, who treats others things as well as their own?

Sure, I am pretty careful with others’ stuff but I cannot say with 100% assurance that I am as concerned about it as my personal belongings.

And I bet you, if you think I’m bad, others are worse.

Take for instance Mr. A (name withheld coz I don’t wanna defame anyone) who is crazy about his four wheeler. It would be an understatement if I said he adored his vehicle more than his wife or sister. His passion and possessiveness for his car is as flagrant as the sun on a bright summer afternoon. And yet, when his hands touch the steering of any other car that isn’t his, he transforms into a raging, excited school kid driving for the first time. I’ve often imagined that he is on a mission to check whether the vehicle is fit to take on the Indian roads, or to be more precise, the potholes and manoeuvres of a psycho rider…

If you think this person is raw and young (which he isn’t by the way, at least going by his chronological age), then let me tell you about this mature woman who wants her furniture to be used with care and elegance, and yet steps sloppily (and intentionally) on others’ impeccably clean sofas and sheets.


The other day, I went to give my bike for servicing. I was calmly aware that my heart ached as my beloved Scooty Pep awaited its turn in the scorching heat to be accepted by the on-duty attendant. There was no shade, so it was time to tan for the both of us.

When his highness finally came by to grace us, he plonked his butt hastily on the bike, asked for the key and vroomed away aggressively for a test ride. I was seething, but obviously could not say a word. “Does he do that with his own bike?” I wondered aloud.

Honestly… Why do people not treat others stuff as gently and cautiously as their own?

This feeling of “not mine” displays a selfish, malicious mind. One that discriminates and hates, envies and destructs.

And don’t tell me you’re not guilty. I don’t need to know. Your heart will confess if your tongue stays still or lies. We all do. In tiny or gigantic ways. We all have done this sometime…

But what’s done is done. The important part is, let’s not do it again.

The next time you borrow something or someone leaves their property with you, take good care of it. If not like your own, then BETTER than your own.

Fill extra fuel before you return the bike you borrowed.

A friend lent you a book? Ensure you don’t leave dog ears on the pages. Don’t read while you eat (or vice-versa) so that you won’t drop or mess up the paperback.

Small things, eh? But I’m sorry, most of us do not follow these simple etiquettes. We think we’re close and casual, so we needn’t bother with such protocol. But believe me you, you can never go wrong with decorum and decency. It only makes people want to lend you things more. Coz they know they can trust you. They realise their assets are safe with you.

Wouldn’t you expect the same when you give your cherished goods to someone? Haven’t you been petulant when visitors litter your house and neighbours throw their garbage in front of your door?

You can’t complain if you’re doing the same.

So let’s do our bit.

Every drop counts…

Best wishes, and good luck!!

- Princess


Peachy said...

its annoying when friends do that.
and some never realize :/

Princess said...

I know! And sadly enough, some people think this is mere gyaan and formality... Dude! Its called "etiquette" :-)

Vishal Bheeroo said...

I thing which irritates me why people take some stuffs n never gives book has changed owner n the person acting as if its all hers..happyy u'v put dis post.

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