Wednesday, August 25

Unforgettable Times

Some occasions stay with you for a long, long time after they’ve actually passed.

Times when you hang out with people that you expect to be boring, and by the end of the day you’re really surprised and unexpectedly happy…

Leme tell you about one of those memorable nights. It wasn’t a party, if by party you mean clubbing and pub-hopping. A dear colleague invited me over to his place to meet his gang of best buddies and spouses. I usually don’t feel very comfortable with a bunch of people who already know each other very well. But this time, I thought I’d go as this guy insisted and promised I’d have a fun, cozy time. Turns out I did. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was told that the gang enjoyed playing cards and Uno at their get-togethers. I mean, didn’t we do that way back in school – play board games to kill time?

I was so wrong. Playing a good ol’ game of cards can make you feel de-stressed and happy. And more so, when the gang welcomes you with open arms and takes to you immediately. I loved them and they loved me right back. After the initial hesitation and introduction, we hit it off like I had been there all along. My colleague remarked that I definitely was not the same at work, where I used to behave demure to the point of diffidence. And here I was, shrieking with delight when I played a card right and yelling plaintively when the card machine ejected more than a few cards. (FYI – Uno Attack rocks! Go get yours. I’m planning to buy one soon. It’s much more exciting than the old Uno. Unfortunately, Pune Central did not have it, otherwise I’d be playing that already…)

All the people around were really genial, and my colleague’s mum made me feel a little awkward with the way she hovered around me. It was unsettling at first, but I must admit, she’s a sweetheart. His brother, too; it was almost like he was my own kid bro – the way we gave each other high fives when we were playing, and the way he was taking care of me. It just felt like home. Or maybe, better than home, coz I didn’t have to be on my best behavior or worry about my parents seeing or hearing something they oughtn’t!

Cards, music, hookah, cigarettes and booze did the rounds as did conversation on various topics. Not once did I feel out of place. Not once did I regret going. When the revelry ended, the guys offered to drop me home, and we set off, me humming a tune as usual. At the cost of sounding pompous, I should tell you that I have a fairly melodic voice, especially old songs and romantic or emotional numbers. And so, this guy asked me if I could sing for them all. Which I was more than happy to. And so, giggling and crooning, we all got to my place.

The last I saw them, they were a merry threesome singing “Ek ajnabi haseena se yu mulaqat hogayi…

Felt nice :-)

But it goes without saying that you needn’t always have a huge group to enjoy a rocking night. There could be just one or two bum-chums and you feel like you’re in the best possible place on earth.

Like when I hang out with my closest mates. It doesn’t matter then whether we have good music or not; our conversations and laughter make the place come alive. Be it at home, or be it at a lounge, be it at a park or at work, life just becomes that much more exciting coz I’m with someone I feel close to, understood by and cared by. So many times come to my mind… If I begin telling, this post will never end!! Carnival, Kiva, Dorabjee, ABC Farms, High Spirits… They bring so many memories alive…

Spending time with family is not always exhilarating – there are few topics you all enjoy talking about, and fewer activities that you mutually enjoy doing. At least with my family – they’re not really the adventurous types who would venture out into the unknown or do things just for experience sake. Yet, there are times when I really enjoy with them. At least I do with my mother. We go out shopping and giggle over silly matters, we buy caramel popcorn or butterscotch cake and hog on it as we gossip, or we go out for a ride and just chill out.
(Love ya, Mommy! Your birthday’s approaching! Hurray for the Aug 28!)

And of course those times when you cherish your solitude and tranquility. Like when I relax with a book, or watch TV without having to worry about what to do next… I hate eating out without company, but I am not averse to spending some time alone with myself every now and then. It doesn’t scare or bore me – my own company – I am a fairly interesting person, as most people would readily vouch!!

Life is full of so many precious moments.

Enjoy them all…

Kal Ho Na Ho :-)


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Anonymous said...

Hey Anuja
Glad dat u had a gr8 tym.Life meant to be celebrated wen u are wiid loved ones,good friends.I enjoy d company of a few frenz n good company makes d day awesum..i remember in Pune wen I was hanging wid a few of ma mates in Namaskar or boozin wid Adi n his gal friend or Me and Adi only.Like minded fellas leads to crazy times

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