Thursday, December 10

The Most Bestest Ever


Simply outstanding.

The movie I was planning to not watch, is abso-flippin'-lutely fantabulous.

I'm glad the movie buff inside me overcame the hesitation I initially had on seeing Big B in such a scary, pitiable state.


Dude, how can anybody be so darned gifted?

Amitabh is magnificent (as always)! He played the senior Buddhadev sporting a pony tail in Cheeni Kum with as much ease as he acts Auro, the witty child afflicted with progeria* in Paa. (Progeria is a rare genetic condition where patients age rapidly; so soembody who's 10 would probably look like he's 70, though his mental age remains 10.)

Incidentally, both the movies are by R. Balki, and I must say, they're two of the best things to have happened to the Hindi fillum industry; apna Bollywood has grown with these films. Way to go, cast and crew!! Dhaasu acting and mast make-up... Too good!!

The movie stars the very pretty Vidya Balan (wearing lovely sarees) and the handsome Abhishek Bachhan (no longer am I gona call him AB baby; he's proved his mettle and avoided being shadowed by his father in this brilliant venture), as Auro's Maa and Paa respectively. There is also a bunch of tremendously talented kids who keep the movie alive and interesting. Their innocence, humor and witty audacity create insights that are mind-boggling.

Say what, I failed to find even a single blunder in the fim - it's that perfect. I was afraid this would be one melodramatic torture, but the way the situation and varied incidents have been tastefully handled stuns me. So what if somebody is not normal, so what if there is an anomaly in an individual? Why stare at him with pity and murmur sympathetic questions/remarks? Treat him as a human, with respect and maturity, and you can see the beauty inside the person. And that's what this film teaches us. Respect and acceptance.

I am so tempted to divulge a few incidents and jokes in the movie, but I shan't. I want you to go and see this yourself - whatever your age, whatever your gender, whatever your preference in movies or hobbies. I promise you a lot of laughs and some superb food for thought. No wonder my rating is gona be excellent - 9.5 on 10. I'm gona cut half a point for the political rigmarole surrounding Junior Bachchan. You cannot get enough of the smart, lovable, sensible and adorable Auro... Obviously, the "breaking news" bits get into the way... Must watch regardless.

I was eager to catch New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, but the release got postponed by a week. So, you shall hear that review next week :-) And my take on the latest/last book in the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn - it's terrific... I was dazzled by the remarkable script and description. Steph Meyer, you rock! I always knew vampirism would suit Bella, and I can feel her elation (and relief) at having taken to this new life so gracefully and effortlessly. Making me wish for the nine-thousand-and-eighty-fifth time that I was a vampire myself - pretty, powerful, and proficient in every way possible... And the cherry on the cake would obviously be a loving mate like Edward... Sighhhh!!! And of course, their adorable daughter Renesmee... And a great mate like Jake... Super sighhhh... I would face the Volturi anyday given my lovely pale-skinned family.

Here I go again... What an obsession!

My acquaintances have been pushing me to take glimpses of the abilities of Russell Peters and David Blaine, and I must agree these guys are great! I don't think Peters is really extraordinary though quite a few folks think so; to me, his humor quotient is as good as
apna Raju Srivastav (recently knocked out of Bigg Boss 3). However, R.P. deserves credit for his reach - the guy's got fans across the world, and his confidence is unbelievable. Fancy cracking racial and terror-related jokes about Arabs and Indians in front of an audience comprising every community in the world! Not a quality in my kitty for sure!

David Blaine and the things he does are amazing as well. His endurance, both mental and physical, is stupendous. Whatta creator God is... endowing different people with so many different and unusual abilities!

Right then. That's about it for today. I'm running out of superlative expressions :-P

But hey, I have one (two actually) superb news up my sleeve - my darling Scooty Pep completed three years yesterday, and my Abba has stepped into his 64th year. Happy Birthday, sweethearts! Mwaaahhhh :-) And a zillion thanks for being there...



vishal said...

well said Anuja!Paa is a cinematic gift,a cherished memory that comes once in a lifetime.I was so shocked that I couldnot react..its magic..Amitabh awesome performance words doesnt suffice..a genius,an actor on par with any Hollywood loud n clear on it.Am I being pompous?I don't's simply the best.
I'm simply amazed with vidya..i mean the lady is so good with her acting histrionics.
i wasnt able to write a proper review coz i wasnt able to dumbfounded but,ya,uv inspired me to write.
its a marvellous review Anuja..the passion of cinema not star preferences is what counts..Abhishek looks like a real politician.
Balki has joined the league of extraordinary gentlemen.
PAA,the world.

ani_aset said...

i did not read your review now as i have not seen the movie yet :P
Wishes for your pa and scooty :D

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