Thursday, July 16

What’s on Air

Namaste people.

Not having a full-time job gives me plenty of time for myself, and as you know very well by now, my favorite pastimes include reading, philosophizing, chatting nonstop and watching TV. So, I might as well do my good deed for the day by telling you about some stuff I’ve seen on TV lately.

Undoubtedly, the most sidey show award would go to Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, a hare-brained, stupid ham programme that gives you a peek into the not-so-secret-life of Rakhi Sawant. There’s a bunch of guys from all across India (and one even from Canada), who probably having nothing better to do, decided to enter this show and bare their LOVE for THE item girl of the century. In short, a bunch of men are hitting on the self-hailed and “victimised” queen of boldness, who in turn, has articulated feelings for all of them without exception…

If the producers are planning to pass on any moral or ethical values to the gen Y through this television series, then I shall say - thanks, but no thanks… Rakhi’s English is ridiculous, her expressions are fake, Ram Kapoor (the host) is tremendously soporific, and the potential suitors are visibly bored… The buzz is that Rakhi will actually marry the guy who wins this contest. As if we care!

The other show that has recently begun is Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, which is YET AGAIN a copy of the Western version "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here"... The contestants are mini-celebrities (that's what they claim!) and they're left in some forest and then the usual monkey tricks to survive there. The Hindi series is now on, and it stars folks like Palak - the drama queen from MTV Roadies (Ugh, I'd hoped that was the last we'd heard of her!), and TV artists like Shweta Tiwari, Chetan Hansraj, Marc Robinson, popstar Anaida among others. The American series starts next week on Star World.

Why why WHY do we keep copying ideas from foreign shows? Don't we have our own creativity and brains? I'm sick of it... Be it Kamzor Kadi Kaun (The Weakest Link) or Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who Wants to be a Millionaire), Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hai (Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader) or Big Boss (Big Brother). I mean height of copycat-ism. Sheesh... There's another addition to the lot - Sach Ka Saamna based on a show I'd told you about sometime ago on this blog - Your Moment of Truth... And also India's got Talent copied from America's got Talent.

Thanks to these shows, any Tom, Dick and Harry can now boast of being a judge on a celebrity show. I mean if Anu Malik can judge Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega with the lisping Farah Khan, then I sure could host a show single-handedly myself!
(And Kirron Kher and Shekhar Kapur too!! LOLzzz)

MTV and Channel V seem to be better off as far as concepts and innovation is concerned. At least they come up with their own reality programs. There's MTV Teen Diva (which FYI is being shot at Corinthian in Pune), Airtel MTV Connected (where twins do freaky things to display their connected-ness), and V Fast and Gorgeous (in which hot divas do daring stuff so that they can be chosen as Force India's aka Vijay "Kingfisher" Mallya's cheerleading team). I don't religiously follow any of these shows, but they are telecast and repeated so often, that want it or not, I do manage to watch quite a few episodes.

And of course, reruns of the brilliant-est show in the universe - Friends which I catch as often as I can on Star World everyday between 7-8 pm. Star World really HAS become my favorite channel; another wonderful show is Superstars of Dance, where participants from all over the world show their dancing skills. There's China, Russia, Ireland, India, America, South Africa, Argentina and some more nations that compete in solo, duet and group rounds to take home the title of the absolute, unbeatable Superstars.

I'm very sorry to say that India doesn't seem to be doing too great. As compared to the passion and choreography of the other countries, I can sense some lethargy and misguided planning on the part of the Indian team and coach. In places that need the enthusiastic jalwa of Punjab, these people show stupidly strategised Garba... I mean it irritates me. As far as I know, no other continent has as many dance forms as India, and yet, we're lagging behind in the competition. It's unpatriotic and frustrating...

Have you heard about Tedhi Baat - Shekhar Ke Sath on SAB? You're lucky if you haven't. It's an extremely boring talk show where Shekhar comes dressed as a celebrity and answers (or rather doesn't answer) Qs posed by his co-host Gurpal Singh. I'd had more hopes from this one... Especially after seeing SS's prowess in Movers and Shakers and other comic shows. It almost makes me glad to see Soha Ali Khan (of all people!) hosting Godrej Khelo, Jeeto, Jeeyo on Star Plus versus the Shake-her fiasco.

Bahut hogaya TV, ab kuch khabare... Sania Mirza is finally engaged, so stop hitting on her all you majnus... And Sunny "Little Master" Gavaskar has turned 60. The bad news is that the Delhi Metro has crashed twice in 2 days, and Mumbai's battling with extreme rainfall.

Hey, Harry Potter's sixth movie is realeasing today - The Half-Blood Prince. I can't recall the story; it's been ages since I read the paperback, but I'm hoping to catch it this weekend, and I'm sure I'll love it :-)

Shucks, the rain's started again...
Water water everywhere, and the taps running dry...

Must go before I get soaked!

Be back soon :-) Take care



Reema Sahay said...

You have wonderfully articulated all my thoughts on TV shows these days. I am also sick of Indian versions of all the successful programmes abroad. It would kill me if I would ever find anybody Indianising F*R*I*E*N*D*S. It is too sacred. It is still the best show on TV,and I ONLY watch FRIENDS except say some good movies.

Princess said...

Completely agree with you. I can watch Friends reruns like a million times, even My Wife and Kids and a few other shows. But hey, we aren't giving some crazy producers new ideas to copy, are we??

Shhhhhhh... Noone said a thing, and noone heard either ;-)


ani_aset said...

hey i agree with you..i dont want to see any more of that stupid palak..even i like watching the new dance shows..on AXN and star

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