Wednesday, July 1

Hai Junoooooon

Heya fellas!!

Say hello to the woman who conquered the waters and is now swimming happily at 10 feet :-) Yeah, that's me!! And you know what? It don't matter how deep the pool is as long as you know how to stay on top... And this applies to a lot more domains than just swimming!! Raise a toast!!

I happened to watch New York this weekend. (Not the city, I mean the film. But you DO see the city in the film... So whatever.) The multiplexes were all sold out, so I was expecting a helluva lot from the movie. Sadly, it was a typical Yashraj affair, with the climax dragging on and on and on. Of course, John and Kats are wonderful - pleasant on both, the eyes as well as the other senses. But I cant say the same for Neil Nitin Mukesh. I hated him even in the Aa Dekhe Zara trailers, so I was ready to hate him some more when all he did was act like the victimised and helpless crybaby in this production.

The movie, as everybody knows by now is about the 9/11 tragedy and what occured after that. Muslims in the US were detained and harassed without evidence, and its a pitiable picture that the movie presents. It's gross and it's repulsive, but it's also touching and heartrending. Especially coz Johny boy was at the receiving end... He did a fab job in the movie, and Irfan was strictly OK. There are hardly any songs (surprisingly!) and that's actually a blessing! I love the "Hai Junoon" track though Pritam is said to have copied it from someplace... I don't care!! My rating for the movie - 6/10. Not too amazing, not terribly ugh. Watchable... once.

Talking about India, lets applaud the opening of the first sea-bridge - the Bandra-Worli sealink that boasts to transport the traveller in a record 6 minutes versus the previous 45!! Now that's an achievement! Way to go!!

And cheerio, Saina for winning the Indonesian Open! Don't let it go to your heead, gal... You've got many more laurels awaiting you if only you keep up the great work!

Apna Pune... No good news there... Not for the time being at least. In fact, the opposite is lined up. Water levels have dropped to an all-time low, reservoirs and dams are drying up. Which means that if there is no rain (and it's already July for lord's sake!), we shall soon be 40% short of water in our taps. Jeez... Sad... My swimming pool at ILS will be shut if the water situation doesn't improve... Boo hoo!!

Reminds me of the story "The Selfish Giant" that we read in school... How the owner of a big, beautiful garden shuts it out from the lil kiddos who enjoy playing there, and the gods of the seasons plan to boycott that garden and punish the giant for his selfishness... "I wonder why the spring is so late in coming..." ponders the giant. I wonder why the rains are so late in coming... Have we annoyed some pretty angels in anyway?

Well... What else up mates? My bday's round the corner... Yeah yeah, the corner around the 3rd week from now :-D I seem to be going from 23 to 45... Need to pep it up. Any bright ideas??!!!!

I'm all ears!

Muaaaaaaaahhh in advance!


Reema Sahay said...

Hey, I loved Neil in this movie. He was really good. John looked a little lost, I mean his screen timing was relatively quite less. Katrina was better than any of her other movies. Lucky girl! People go with such little expectations of her, she generally scores higher! I really did not understand why Katrina got killed in the reason at all!

ani_aset said...

thank you so much for the review,..from the trailer itself irfan looked saved me few bucks there ;)

Princess said...

Hey folks,

I actually love John Abraham, willing to marry him if he'd so much as ASK ;-) So you see I can't really say anything bad about could-be hubby... Katrina, now there's a gorgeous dame, poor thing, she dint have to die... Neil could have died tho... Dharti pe bojh...

Watch out for Harry Potter, Night at the Museum 2 and Luck this week!!


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