Tuesday, July 28

Filmi Obsession

Hola pretty people...

I'm running short of time so won't make this too post too lengthy... Which is mighty difficult, coz you know how I am... jumping from one topic to another effortlessly and ranting on without any hurdle...

The news is that I'm studying for the GMAT like a woman possessed. I donno how I was planning to appear for the test merely by going through the OG (Official Guide). I was merrily hoping to get the 5th August date, but guess God knew I was blundering, so he made that day unavailable for the test in Pune. I mean people postpone their dates more than 2 times coz they think they aren't prepared enough to give the test, and there are also dedicted folks who get a score of 760 and still revise for 3+ months. Shoot, I have one month, and I although I don't suck at anything, I sure could do with some practice in Quant and CR. Bless me!

My test is on Aug 25th and I start my new job this Saturday. This leaves me effectively very little time to study, but I'm hoping to finish the Kaplan Premier Edition before I start work and then buy the Princeton Review for more revision. Not having a computer at hand sure has its drawbacks, as I can't give mock tests online and simulate the real experience. However, I'm sure everything will turn out well... Well begun is half done, right? And better late than never...

Enough about my study saga. I've caught two movies recently - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Night at the Museum 2. While I enjoyed both tremendously, I must say that the previous ones were a lot better. All the characters in both movies are lovely-ly picturised and brought alive (literally in the latter film).

HP and HBP had awesome graphics and direction as always, and the actors were also superb. I still can't decide whether or not I like the perplexing grey character Snape - he's got handsome looks and attitude but he's forever vile and vicious in demeanor. Bellatrix is wickedly beautiful and amazingly repulsive. Hey, it takes effort to look and appear mean, don't forget that! McGonnagal and Dumbledore are adorable as usual, but most folks have precious little to do. I couldn't stop the tear that trickled outta my eye when everyone at Hogwarts raised their wands in fond memory of dead Dumbly... I'm gona miss the old Grandpa...

About NATM 2, all I can say is that things are pepped up by flying Amelia (whose sprightly gait reminds me of Urmila in Rangeela) and the lisping Egyptian Kahmunra. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (as the cute General Dyer) could have done with more meaty roles. If you loved NATM 1, you shall be a tad disappointed in this sequel, but its not bad really. You could watch it once, jus don't expect the thrills and kicks of part 1. My rating - again 7/10.

Something that I can't rate as of now, and which made my hair stand on end was the Pulsar Stunt Mania show that I glimpsed on MTV yesterday. Man!! These guys are freaky! There are gals on the show too, but they considerably bring down the goosebumps. The wheelies and crazy stunts - I think some things are better left to the males. The way they can be mean, fearless and yet wantable at the same time is not something we girls are experts at... But we ladies sure make better cheerleaders! See?!! I guess the way the genders think and behave, their attitudes and personalities are so unique, you really can't change it entirely however much you so desire... And that's good, right?!!

Awritey, time for me to run. But not before I tell you that Luck has got terrrrrible reviews. I was quite eager to watch Sanjubaba, Imran and Chakde India's lisping hockey player in this one, but I'm told better LUCK next time... The other films releasing soon and expected to be great are Love Aaj Kal, Kaminey, 2012 and Final Destination...

So, you see the casual reading's on hold now. I'm going back to my GMAT, and then when time permits, it shall be TV time and cards-with-the-family time. Pardon me if I don't write sooner... I need all the time I can get right now to lagao diye in my exam!!

Until then!!



Reema Sahay said...

Hey, I tagged you. Check the link: http://penpaper.blogspot.com/2009/07/tag-here.html

ani_aset said...

hey all the best for your exam prep :)

Princess said...

Hey PaP and Ani,

@ PaP - I checked out the tag, shall work on it soon... Very hectic schedule at the moment. Thanks anyway!

@ Ani - Thanks man! Need it big time ;-)

Great writers, both.

Keep visiting and writing in!


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