Wednesday, May 27



I’m busy making FIRO-B reports, doing the accounts, and outlining plans for better Business Development at work. (Boohoo... I hate selling!) Got no choice there, so guess no use complaining...

Back to Lab-o-mania... Sunday went pretty well, I relaxed a bit and then chatted with the roomie. Being in Goa and not hitting the beach is not very Anuja-esque, so I made a quick trip there and said hi to the waves while being introduced to a whole gang of women professionals. And I made an observation : Women talk TOO much, TOO fast.

(I was praised for my keen sense of observation by my lab facilitators, so don’t pass any smart comments...)

Enough of the details. Let me get to the main plot. Day 1 (Monday) was baffling and strange. I came back to my room after an entire day with my lab-mates, knowing a few basics about them, and no input from the “Sir” and “Madam”. My head was reeling with unanswered questions, things about me and my behavior, aspects that irritate and frustrate me, make me restless and upset. I did silly things like crying without any known reason, and hanging up on my family when they called. I felt eccentric. And I came to know it was typical of first-timers... Thank heavens!! I thought I’d lost my marbles...

The next couple of days were better. I did have my conflicts and disagreements with the group, but things went wonderfully from the human process point of view. We dined at a Benaulim shack on Tuesday night, and I headed to the Amalia bar at the resort every evening for some music and gupshup. It was fun. And surprisingly, even things that weren’t exactly “pleasant” according to my standards, I learnt to take them in my stride and not let myself be bothered, as I did earlier. Now that’s an achievement, I say!

I met a lot of people, and saw the beauty in each one of them. The part I liked best about the ISABS culture, is that people are very warm and genuine. Throughout the week, I saw people hugging in merriment and sorrow, and that made me feel close to even those I didn’t know too well.

Oh, I didn’t tell you this - My lab-group consisted of 8 interesting participants and 2 darling facilitators. (Hi guys, if you’re reading this! And hullo to all the rest who I met outside the lab! Love ya all...)

I formed good connections with Bhanu (Mr. Smirky who hides his face as he giggles over long-forgotten jokes), Nikhil (his carefree saunter irritates me, but sucha caring chap!), Snigdha (this woman can keep secrets like nobody else, and whatta smile!!), Pranav (I managed to piss him off every time I interacted with him, but yet, he’s a charming guy), and all the others to varying degrees. (Space too short to mention them all, but here’s a few more names – Kavita, Gayathri, Runu, Sushma, Mohan, Pratim, Sweta, Abhirup, Ami, Rosy. Muaaahhh!!)

The lab sessions helped me come to some realizations. However, I learnt more than a few lessons at the beach, watching the sand and waves. If you’re willing to reflect, and draw analogies, life is a great teacher all along the way! For example, “firsts” are usually so fantastic. The first view of the rumbling sea, the first time you set foot on the sand, the first moment when the waves cuddle your feet, the first time you fall in love, the first time you enter your office, your first bike... Memories to cherish for life!

And then the way the waves erase anything you write on the sand. It’s like the brain, na? Things that you inscribe inside your head, and then they get forgotten... leaving a clean slate... to write new things... just like the sandy beach...

And the manner in which we judge or misinterpret things. We see things coming, but we sometimes fail to determine their implications and consequences. Just like the waves that seem humongous from afar end in barely a ripple next to your toes, and the smaller ones that unexpectedly manage to wash you ashore. Lorddd... It’s beautiful!!

I spent 2 hours alone on the beach in my reverie. By the time I bit adieu to my philosophical trance, I realized it was dark and there was no one around on the beach. Except this sidey character who had walked past me a couple of times as I was seated in deep thought. I got up with a hustle and he took this opportunity to approach me.

Thankfully, at this exact moment, Bhabhi called from Pune asking about my health and trip. I slunk away as he mumbled, “Can I speak to you for a minute?” Whew! Whatever the guy had in mind, he sure had me scared for a couple of minutes.

Time to say bye. Will be back later, alligator!



The Bee said...

Hey, This is one "darling facilitator" called Bhanu accused of "smirking"(?)over long forgotten jokes.

Anuja has been a realy darling too, and I treasure the memory of one beautiful hug from her on a party night - i remember it in entirely - the feel of her soft hair etc!

AND, she has injected this laughing spree in me - i never did it earlier but it seems to happen all the time now. After almost all guests had left from d hotel, I was going to pick up ma bags, and wss thinking of Anuja and laughing silently and (can you believe it) out she pops out of nowhere and says, "you're laughing again!" Man!

Wonderful gal. Keep writing Anuja.
PS: Who is an alligator ?

Princess said...

Hey Bhanu,

Sweet of you to comment here :-)

By the way, I did not realise when I first saw you that you'd be such a jolly, humorous fellow... I was mighty surprised to see you enter the lab and sprawl out in a corner... God, I'm never gona forget your ridiculous postures!! Hehehe...

You're a wonderful person, and a very genuine one. Keep reading and commenting!! Would love to hear from you...

Alligator? Umm... nobody in particular, but maybe a certain giggly being a know ;-)


Princess said...

By da way, SECOND compliment about my hair in ISABS... I'm on cloud nine :-D

Keep them coming fellas... Yeah!

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