Friday, November 2

Deadly Diwali

It's almost Diwali n my mum's gone berserk... she's cleanin d house wid scary strength n enthusiasm... n unfortunately, wid my PLs on, I'v no choice but to trudge along n do d tasks she tells me to... my bro, dad n sis-in-law conveniently leave for work as i luk at thm wid a sad n envious expression on my face... i cant c mum workin alone n i dont wan2help wid d cleanin! dilemma... barely managd to clean 4 shelves of my clothes-cupboard, n m puttin off cleanin my book-rack until i can... it's gona take hourssssssssss!!! why bother?!! fortunately, my tuts n job dis week gave me a breather (and a wonderful excuse!)

This brings me to my topic for d day. Strong ppl lead hard lives – coz they hav a choice n also d capability to go either way. Like my mum. She has d choice to either do/not do d spring-cleaning. Though she's not physically in gr8 shape, her willpower sails her through the task. With frail folks, there’s no choice as they’v already given up on their life and most other thins. Hence, lesser the confusion! D worst predicament is surely of d ppl who lie in between these extremes; while their minds/hearts r strong enuf to come up with 2 choices, and they do choose one, they find it tough to go all the way. Which is exactly what I’m feelin. Havin made a very important decision voluntarily, I’m switchin bac n forth like a pendulum – I think I cud go bac to wat was, n thn I think I shud stick to my decision single-mindedly if I’m to live a betr n happier life… Each time I succeed in dis endeavor, someone conveniently puts a dent into my carefully built wall… Now however, I seem to hav come to terms... Hopefully, thins wil change from now on...

Awrite, I know i dint make much sense thr... but newes, had to get it outa my system, n thr it goes! Here's sumthin u'l agree wid... Kids wil b kids – whether they’r 1,10, 20 or 50! My parents still fret whn my bro comes bac frm work late. I mean, cut it out, he's 27! Besides, he's got a hotel mngt job which entails long & late hours, yet my dad stays awake till he knocks n says "all fine, m home" n my mum keeps callin n askin him whn he's b bac from work n "drive safely haan beta".... m not complainin, they do d same for me. But i really wonder, will I b d same whn i hav kids? probably yes.... parents r amazin ppl, aren't they?? u can shout at thm, say anythin u want, behave anyway u want, n still they luv u... who else wud take ur crap? however, i myself forget this very often n tk thm for granted... n regret later...

Well, lets stop d topic before I get too senti (sniff, sniff!) I'm jus hangin out at home these days as I said before. Uni's out as syllabus over n Diwali here. M spendin time readin, studying for tuts, watchin tv, chattin wid frens, etc (and helpin mum, groaaannnn)... wkend's here but no plans yet. maybe a movie wid frens. long time no party!!! HIGH TIME...

That reminds me, i saw "Bhool Bhullaiya" last week. Saw a movie after ages (for a movie buff like me, even 2 weeks is ages!) It was gud, not comedy as expected, but thrillin n tp. Akki as usual is at his best, but d rest of d crew is SAD... its only towards d end dat d movie picks up... Oh ya, for those who dont kno, d BHOOT is VIDYA BALAN ;-) dont thank me, it's ok... hehe... i LUVVVVVV doin dat! She's amazin as d deceased danseuse "manjulika" - her actin is terrific. luvd dat part... n scared too!

nuthin else, mebe Mumbai Salsa dis Sunday n thn Salsa at Scream. Touch wood!!
Have a gr8 wkend folks. Ta!!!

Lonely Princess

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