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Now what shall I name this one??

(And lo! That's a title itself! Serendipity!)
To My Prince Charming...
(A blank verse, my first such attempt, where there’s no rhyme, but where I could pour my sentiments without worrying about how the words need to be twisted and how the lines need amendment.)

If only I had you,
With who I could be free,
With who I could share everything, Without being judged or rejected...

If only you were with me,
At times when I was low,
When the world was against me,
And I needed a hand to hold, A chest to hug,
A shoulder to cry...

If only you were mine,
In joys and sorrows alike,
When words were superficial, inadequate...
When togetherness was the only way of experiencing life,
Those moments irreplaceable, unforgettable...
Living the moment, feeling each other’s emotions...

If only we were meant to be,
Shattering the walls that keep us apart,
Love as deep as the ocean, trust as high as the sky, need as huge as the galaxy...

If only wishes were horses, And I belonged to you,
I’d give up on everything else,
If only…

Unfinished Business... and a Finished Book

In books, time flies. (In real life too, it does, at times. In movies, more so.)

(Back to my first statement)... In books, time flies. Years go by like a breeze. I’ve finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (refer this and this). And the read was anything but a breeze. There have been such radical highs and lows, that one moment you’re rejoicing and the next you’re knee-deep in tears.

(GRRRRR!!!! Kick me, someone!) Back AGAIN to my first statement – time F***ING flies. The twins were just-borns on page 15, a year old on page 75, 13 on page 173 and 24 on page 309. But, that’s still a decent pace I guess... In movies, they grow up in a matter of minutes, seconds even! Especially while running... (Keep your kids from sprinting too much if you want them to be babies for sometime, folks! Hehe...)

But, they’ve a story to tell after all, and a plot to share; can’t waste time and reels or pages on paltry details about one’s meals and motions. I read somewhere that most of us have a story inside us…

Post No. 70! And another Diwali gone...

So how was the vacation, people?! Had fun? Had your fill of delicacies and socializing and relaxation and fireworks and fun? How’s it being back at work? (Lucky you bank employees who have a holiday tomr and most of you who have a holiday today for Padva... Envy you!)

How’s it knowing there’s no holiday after this until December?! Not-so-sweet November, eh?!!

(Eeks, did I just drill a hole in your half-sunk ship?!!)

My vacation has been inundated with Diwali sms-es and visitors, sweets and crackers (I didn’t burst any, but that sure didn’t stop my neighbors!) Two days of frenzied activity. I met my long-lost friend who I didn’t expect would call... And I carried off ethnic stuff as if I was born in them. (Quite surprising for folks who’ve known me personally for ages, I know! Coz I hardly wear salwar suits and when I do the dupatta’s missing, and the churidar/salwar could also be substituted with a more comfortable pair of jeans.) But you know what, I actually like dressing up! All …

Happy Diwali!

Hey buddies!
Betcha missed me!
(PLEASEEEE say yessss... Oh pleaseeeee!!! Sniff sniff... I knew it all along!)
So, the festive season is here, and there's faraal (= the special delicacies associated with Diwali) doing the rounds... Tidy up, mate, the festival of lights is here!
Marigolds all around, in hues of orange and yellow,
Joy in every heart, and hope in minds mellow.

Hawkers on the streets, and shoppers in a rush,
Sweets of all shapes and colors, gifts rich and lush.

Greeting cards and reunions, not a moment dull,
Happiness from every quarter, over dreams and hopes mull.

As new wishes rise, throbbing pains die,
Children do the jig, and old folks sigh.

A bonus for everybody, and a holiday for all,
All and sundry merry at this yearly windfall.

Fireworks in the air, and sparklers in the heart,
Amid unity and love, evilness ripped apart.

As smiles fill the air, discriminations subside,
Diwali’s for the affluent, Diwali’s for the deprived.

As Rama returned home, darkness evaporated,
A million lig…

Gender Benders

Women are smarter than men! Why? A woman’s best friend are diamonds, while a man’s best friend is a dog!!

(Don’t you look at me like that, this ain’t my brainwave! Read it in the Pease couple’s paperback.)

Do you know kids are born without a sense of identity and the gender identification comes only after a particular age? (refer Developmental Psychology) That is why you see infant boys playing with dolls and crockery. Later, when society drives them into the “men” and “women” mould, then kids start doing “guy things” and “girly stuff”. Yet, the basic patterns remain the same. Girls go hush-hush and discuss menstrual cycles, boys share pubertal secrets and fantasies. While the first couple of years in primary school are spent in keeping away from the opposite gender, the high school days are replete with dating and getting cozy with the other. Crying isn’t for men, and aggression isn’t for women. But both engage openly or subtly in them.

I told you I’d share some fascinating facts about …

She will be loved...


“Hey, hiiiiiii!” (excitedly)


(the excitement dying down) “Anuja Rathi”

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry. I’ve got a new cell-phone and there are no numbers saved on it.”

“That’s OK. Happy birthday.”

“Thanks so much, dear. So how are you?”

“Good, and you?”

“I’m fine.”

“So you in Pune?”

“Ya, came down for my birthday. I was suicidal, so my boss sent me down to celebrate.”

“I thought you were having fun at work.”

“Ya, fun gets monotonous at times.”

“Good for you! So how’s everything?”

“Fine, fine. I’m getting engaged in December. "

"Congrats! So, what does he do? How does he look?"

"He's a s/w engineer. He looks like a rapist in those cheap B-grade flicks...”

Thus went the conversation with my soulmate of college-days, who’s been absconding for the last 2 years... I wonder if she had called ME in the first place, or was she just calling to check whose number a birthday message had come from...

So, the news is she’s getting engaged in a month's time and then married so…


Hello Readers from around the globe!

(My Feedjit Traffic Map tells me there have been visitors from several metros of India, the US, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Hawaii, and other places. )

I love movies. I’m a complete addict. I just HAVE to watch 2 movies in the cinema hall per month (minimum). Ok ok, I admit, caramel popcorn does make the endeavor more palatable, especially if the movie is a pale of garbage... But nevertheless, I’m a born movie-buff. I love to laugh and I love to cry and I love to get scared. Which basically translates to my favorite genres – comedy, romance and horror (no Ramu, haven’t forgiven you yet for your disastrous Phoonk). Action and philosophy-laden movies don’t entice me to the screens. (Unless someone else is paying for my seat and popcorn bucket.)

So, for the benefit of all you folks who stumble here and love Bollywood movies but don’t exactly know what to watch, here’s my list of must-see’s (interspersed with a few Hollywood movies that I just couldn’t di…

Growing up


Good weekend for you? Fine for me. Of my to-do's. what did I do? Hung out at GB (German Bakery, KP) and then MG. Bought two kick-ass dresses for super-sexy prices. (Checked out several overpriced rags and tatters in the teeniest of shops/boutiques; thank God for all-year-round discount malls!) A hair-band, colorful and pretty. The bangles weren’t looking too appealing on me (which kinda disappointed me, but then my pal reminded me of my blog post where I’d said everything doesn’t suit everybody. How judicious and kind of him. Sniff...) Also saw a delightful Sikh procession on MG, some celebrations of the Guru Granth Saheb. Punjabis are a vibrant and energetic lot!

I can’t help but wince when I hear someone’s from the Merchant Navy. The rationale being I’ve had quite a few friends in that field, and all of them more or less are birds of a feather, which gives me enough corroboration to group them all together as immoral individuals. Of course there are exceptions. There was this …

Jhanda Uucha Rahe Hamara...

I’m feeling very patriotic। Maybe coz I saw this cute video on You Tube... Check it out!

So, honestly guys and gals, how many of us know the National Anthem by heart? (For those who don’t, take a hike people! Ye video wali bacchi se seekho kuch... Shame on you!)

As I’ve shared before, there’s this school next to my office where each day they conclude with a recitation of Vande Mataram. I was trying to recall the lyrics of Saare Jahaan Se Accha the other day. I could only recollect one para – Purbat mein ho agar hum, rehta hai dil watan mein... Samjho wahi hume bhi dil ho jaha hamara...

Sad, eh?! I learnt it and 20 other nationalistic poems and songs in school. But now, I hardly remember any. What’s your opinion on Value/Moral Education in schools? And what do you think about screening the National Anthem at theatres? I think both are interesting measures to inculcate discipline and ethics. How far they last? Anybody’s guess...

So the news is that…

Wardrobe Chronicles

“Clothes make a man”

(And they define, classify and distinguish a woman.)

Who you are is determined by what you wear. And we can see this in our daily lives. People who command second looks are most often those who dress well, even if they look like a spoilt plum. (Of course, I’m not talking about the men here; they look at any and every woman who is not invisible. However she may be... And however she dresses... But women, aah, WE know what suits and what doesn’t. At least most of us do. And that is why most men take us shopping... Even tho they wouldn’t want to go shopping with us!!)

Why men take women shopping? Well, usually coz we land great bargains and get the best stuff. We don’t go merely for fancy trends and latest fashion, but we actually USE our brains to ensure what will look good on a particular body type and personality structure. It’s pretty scientific. And besides we have tremendous stamina to visit 10 shops before finally deciding that the blue shirt in shop no. 3 was th…

Household Hassles

Itni shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki khaahish ki hai, ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milaane ki saazish ki hai.

Kisi cheez ko sacche dil se chaaho toh saari kaynaat tumhe usse milaane mein jud jati hai.

Its true...

I’m super excited! My blog’s getting noticed, and people from far and wide are commenting and connecting. Thanks a ton, folks! Love ya all...

And psst psst! Simply Marry – a marriage portal has requested my post – Shaadi Ka Ladoo for their website in the bridology section. Yippee!!! Fancy the editor skimming thru my 10-odd disjointed posts to scoop out the relevant record! I’m so honored and glad... Here’s the link :

Of course, I’m still nowhere in the Blogger blogs of note archives (doesn’t matter anymore coz I heard bloggers on the network for over 5 years haven’t met this goal either. Which clearly indicates there’s sum jhol... India’s not the only one buddy. Internationally…

Being a woman...

I mentioned last time I was ruminating over pregnancy. Not mine (ain’t married yet, tho I know marriage isn’t a prerequisite for getting pregnant)... And nor anybody else’s. Jus chewing over the pros and cons of this state...

It’s all about how old you are. I think when you’re younger, you most often think about boyfrens and affairs and mush-mush (who proposed to whom and what my boyfren gifted me on valentines) stuff. When you step into the golden years where your hair’s salt-and-pepper streaked - tho I’v seen this happen to the youth pretty early these days - all you wonder about are your younger days and the current whims and flaws (flatulence, irritation, et. al) of your spouse. At my age (when most of my peers and agemates are at various stages of getting married, already married, having a baby, and so on), I have experienced my fair share of love and fights, togetherness and loneliness, joys and excitement, sorrow and frustration (u get the point, don’t u?!) All part-and-parcel o…

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai


Life’s not too great. A few smiles squeeze out a hundred frowns and a million tears in return. Such is life. Unpredictable and unalterable. Yes, I know I said you have a choice to turn it around, but right now I’m too weary battling it to actually devote extra effort to modify it.

On the home front, I feel my family could do without me (which is a dreadful sensation). True friends are scarce, and there’s nothing to look forward to. Living one day after the other, breathing from one evening to the next. Just moving on, coz in life, you cant stay stagnant. If you’re inert, you’re as good as lifeless. But isn’t direction as important as the pace?

I cant believ any1 truly loves me, more than anything and anyone else in this world. And so, m in constant pursuit of evidence to prove the opposite. Much to the annoyance and frustration of those who really love me. I feel terrible later coz I know m bein mean and insecure, but I jus cant seem to let go of this temperament. I crave love and pr…

For Better or For Worse

I’ve finally decided.

This purple top has to go.

It needed a lot of objectivity, a lot of strength to finally come to this verdict. After all, I’ve had it for a better part of almost 5 years. If I recall correctly, I bought this at a corner shop near FC at a 150 bucks or so. I loved the color, the simplicity, the cute yet trendy look. But time waits for no man (or woman), and nor does growth. What looked like a small (and sexy) inch of innocent tummy peek-a-boo has now become a shameful exposition of my assets. Out it has to go, and this week itself, lest I change my mind.

My wardrobe’s stuffed with clothes. In fact, it’s spilling over, and I haven’t worn half the clothes more than thrice. (Quite Veronicesque - courtesy Archies, eh?!!) Every Diwali my mum insists on cleaning up our abode (Goddess Lakshmi doesn’t venture where thr’s filth and garbage, so get ur act together and start dusting ur den pals. Dontcha want sum money?!!)

While my mum merrily prances around emptying and re-arrangi…

Guess who’s bac...

I realized I had stopd breathin.

The emotions of the characters had become my emotions.

The pain of labor.

The controlled confidence and detachedness of an important duty.

The joy of childbirth.

The confused contempt of a complication.

The anger and perilous dejection of helplessness.

The reckless urge to protect our loved ones from sorrow and pain.

Such is my power of the Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, that m reading at the moment.

The first 40-odd pages, and you kno u got ur hands on a master-storyteller...

I’ve struggled to stop reading lest I finish the entire novel at one go. An absolute winner. Kim, I salute u and ur tremendous thinking and writin skills...

The book tells the tale of how a doctor delivers his own abnormal infant, and not havin the heart to hurt his wife, he sends the baby off to an institution, saying the baby was born dead, but the twin, a bonny boy, is fine – hale and hearty. While the mother grapples with the loss, the nurse takes away the baby to raise as her…

Nutty Natters

Its pouring elephants and camels... And I’m a nervous wreck! The lightning’s scaring me to death, and the din of the showers is masking all other sounds. Is this the phase of October heat, or is it the onset of the winter, or is this the pent-up fury of the monsoons? (Whoever’s singing the Raag Malhar, take it ez buddy. U’ll bring the city down!)

Thanks all u people for ur kind and dreadful remarks, suggestions and criticisms. The blog’s grown, I’ve grown, and as I heard somewhr - Watever doesn’t destroy me only makes me stronger...

I’m learning, life’s teaching me a million things. Do I seem wiser? I’m eatin a lot of walnuts these days... (Said to improve the brain, u dumbheads! Go, get some rite this instant! You need them more than I do...)

I saw Kidnap over the weekend (“Kidnaeep” in the Hindi script). And I wonder y I even saw it (It got an awful rating in the Sunday newspaper)... (Walnuts don’t work in all areas at all times, I guess)... Courtesy Sanju baba? He’s a dud in the film.…

Mad(e) for each oder...

Further to our previous tête-à-tête on Marital Bliss (Shaadi Ka Ladoo), I hav been thinking how to add to dat 20-something list widout seemin too snobbish and demandin (!) And here are a few more pointers... Which I’m sure you’ll nod with...

Possibly the most crucial requirement in wedlock (and the most difficult, at times) is faith. You want your partner to believ u at all times (provided u hav a reputation in truthfulness), and you want him/her to support you in all your senseless and bright ideas/actions. Itna bharosa, itni pehchan, ki even wid eyes blindfolded, ur partner can guess and predict ur current and future behavior. Couples wid this kinda understandin invariably join the ranks of the happy and contented. Aah, its sooooo relievin and exhilarating to hav sum1 trust u so much!

Further to dat, u want your spouse to stand by u (even when u wrong), to pose as ur shield when the entire world’s against u (which more often dan not, is ur own family). Each one desires someone who tre…


An academic topic today, coz m not in the mood for incoherent, humdrum baloney...

(Okay, I used the synonyms from Microsoft Word... so wat? Better than saying “the usual, disconnected nonsense”! Need some variety even in the vocab, yaar!)

Those of you who have come here for fun n frolic, pls excuse this post... Can’t get too predictable, u know... Hence, the diversion....

So, what do you comprehend when you hear the word “personality”? What characteristics do you observe/evaluate? Temperament? Style? Physical features? Mannerisms? Attitude? Or something else?

Psychology defines personality as the consistent and unique pattern of thinking, feeling, behaving (which basically means that a person has his/her own systematic, distinctive and enduring set of traits, that affect how one perceives the world, what meanings one finds and how one applies them).

Few in this world wouldn’t like to know more about themselves. However much we know about the self, we are always willing to listen to more. (…