Monday, September 27

The Taste of Love

Loving you has made me complete,
Loving you has made me fear.
My soul-mate, oh darling precious,
Wherever I go, you seem near.
My heart rejoices at your memory,
The pain of distance is vile.
A moment away from you is unending,
A tiny step appears a mile.

An enthralling, satiated hunger,
Like harmony in times of furor.
Being with you is special,
Like nothing I’ve felt before.
I ask myself a million times,
What draws me to you.
What is it that makes you seem mine,
And I belong to you, too.

It’s funny, the way life has changed,
I look around with eyes brand new.
All that I perceive appears brilliant,
And all my worries seem so few.
I’d do anything to see you beam,
Ask for the world and I’d make it yours.
But within me I know it’s only my love,
That will keep you warm when it pours.

Inexorable is the inception of change,
Seasons have come and seasons depart.
I will remain ever so faithful and true,
Each time you call upon me with your heart.
Ask me what I want in return,
My answer shall stay the same.
Be with me till the end of time,
And let soul-mates be our middle name.



MsCFaith said...

I am so in-love with the lyrics, right now. :-) <3

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Simply beautiful:)

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