Wednesday, September 8

Match Fixing

This ain’t about cricket guys… Scat if you thought that!

This is about the matches made in heaven.

And the ones that are formed on earth, too.

Know what this guy told me the other day? He said girlfriends are of two types – the trophy gf, who as we all know, is the sexy woman who basically adorns the guy and raises his status in society. The other kind, he told me, is what he named the “superstar” gf. Check out how he described them… I thought it was very deep, meaningful and true…

Verbatim: “The trophy gf is the one with who you walk into a party holding hands, introduce her to the guests, feel everybody’s eyes on her and feel proud because you own her. Then after some time, when the impression is created, you leave her alone and go hang out with the guys…

… The superstar gf, on the contrary, is the one you really want to be around all the time. You involve her in all your conversations and enjoy being with her.”

Profound, eh? And candidly expressed. Thanks for sharing that with me, Chatty. You say some of the most overwhelming and some atrociously insensitive things. Just being you, I suppose…! But you know I appreciate your verbal, mental and logical competence. Keep it up, and explore more!!

And finally, something that other females of my age and marital situation have been discussing - the suitors they’ve met in a bid to find their perfect mate, and their dilemma in making a choice. In their own words, “What do we ask? How can we find out how that person is just by sitting across a table and talking with them for half an hour? It’s so ridiculous! How can you make a decision for something so important in such a fashion?!!”

Point noted and accepted, ladies. I can understand how that feels, though I’ve not done it myself yet. I mean, “What are your hobbies? What is your ambition? And what qualities are you looking for in your ideal partner?” are really not enlightening enough to help you finalize your life-mate. People can bluff, for all you know, and who knows what they are like when they are being themselves and not open to evaluation?

Let me tell you this… If you ask any Marwari guy if he drinks alcohol, he would say no, either coz he wants to hide the truth or because he has been instructed to say so. The fact is, EVERY guy, Marwari or Mallu or Jain or Marathi boozes. And most smoke, too. And quite a few have smoked up as well. (Which mean cigarettes and drug joints. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is the reality. Closing your eyes to facts doesn’t occlude them.)

I’m strongly against telling lies or hiding the truth. My parents warned me that I might have to give up this value if I wanted to find a good guy in our community, but I couldn’t care less. Relations that begin with a lie can never be open and frank. And what use are such bonds? I’d rather have someone tell me how many affairs he had, rather than lying that he is a virgin. Someone who sincerely tells me he drinks rather than going out secretly with his gang to get sloshed.

Here’s a real incident that happened with me. I am fond of chicken and I do not hesitate in trying new dishes that are non vegetarian. When a Marwari family approached us for my hand in marriage, I was not aware that they had misgivings about eating non veg food. Turns out, while digging around, they came across my blog that spoke about a particular time when I had fish with my brother in Goa. This didn’t go down well with them, and they asked a common contact about this.

This common contact advised I say that I had nothing to do with that blog and that I claim I’m vegetarian. I said nothing doing, I am what I am, and if such small things are issues then I have a fair idea how free I am going to be in that family. My own parents have never denied me anything or forced me to do or not do anything. So, I would be only too happy to refuse this proposal. Coz I certainly cannot lie or be bound for life. I am a mature and responsible adult, and I know what’s right and not right for me. Take it or leave it.

This is me, guys and girls. Proud to be who I am.

Take it or leave it.



Krishna said...

If you can , can you change the color of the font in your page. I have added ur blog in my google reader and since I have a white background , i cannot see what is written.
Great work btw.


sumant said...

lucious juicy chicken haan !

Princess said...


Sorry man, my blog remains what it is. Thanks for adding me, but you'll have to figure out how to work on the color n background stuff :)

Do keep writing in!


Princess said...


Absolutely! Of course, you were the guy who majorly brought eggs into my life!! LOLzzz...

Take care!

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