Monday, September 20

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder if things are always black or white.
At times grey feels just so right.
You know it’s not perfect, still you smile.
And decide to linger a little while.

Sometimes I wonder if success really matters.
Does happiness not come to those in tatters?

Sometimes I wonder if prayers and hopes are heard.
Are they coincidences that just occurred?
If all were to be free of sorrow.
What would we look forward to tomorrow?

Sometimes I wonder if rivers were ordained to flow.
Or would they, like ponds, prefer to stay and grow.

Sometimes I wonder if destiny is really unassailable.
Making our life a harsh truth or an absurdly marvelous fable.
When what you do or think doesn’t matter no more.
Everything is an illusion – the rim and the core.

Sometimes I wonder if people are really what they seem.
Evil, weird or like a dream.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s meant to be.
You and me.
We laugh and care, share and berate.
Feels so right, yet we hesitate.

Sometimes I wonder …

- Princess


Beyond said...

beautiful.. even I vote for it "At times grey feels just so right"

Anonymous said...

A work of immense beauty as you cast a look on the ways of the world.Subtle.

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