Wednesday, September 15

Saavan Ka Mahina

I gave up meat for a month during Shravan (also called Saavan), as my mum was fasting and I did not find it right that I enjoy gastronomical pleasures while she has just one meal a day.

Don’t ask me how that one month went. Gosh, August was a disaster! Dinners and parties were no fun. There’s amazing chicken curry at work almost daily, and I had to munch on potatoes, gravy and rice while the rest of my team merrily and hungrily dug into their dreamy chicken preparations. Thank God for mushrooms, paneer and baby corn! What would I have done without you?!!

My mum keeps telling me all the time to quit eating non veg food, but I love it! This one month restriction was not something she requested or ordered; I acted out of my love and dedication for her. It wasn’t due to morals, social pressure, religion or anything. Pyar aur izzat ke liye hum kuch bhi kar sakte hai, right folks?!

Of course, there are individuals who avoid booze and non veg on certain days of the week. It’s such a farce. You get smashed and you hog on meat for 6 days a week, and then on that one day, you want God to be pleased by your sacrifice… Well, each one to his own…

Speaking of which, I begin to wonder about two things. Three actually. One, how does God keep an account of who fasted when and who did not? Two, are the folks who fast more pious and saintly than the ones who don’t? And three, why is it that only women are expected to fast for their husbands and not vice versa?

Anyway… I know some questions don’t have answers, and I am aware that sometimes there is no way to know when a particular answer is right… So, let’s leave it at that.

I wrote about BPO stories a while ago. Here are a few additions to that. About how success goes to some people’s heads. I mean I flipped when I saw this fellow from work behave all high and mighty after he got promoted. He was tremendously sweet and friendly before this event, post which he went a 180 and became conceited and snobby. And it’s not like he became a manager or anything! Every time I look at him, my first thought is… “What a waste! He was so much better, as a person and performer, at his previous post.”

I don’t understand why modesty is such a rare feature in the bottom rungs. And I say this coz I’ve seen people who are top-notch executives, directors and presidents, yet they could easily pass off as clerks and typists, by their hospitability and humility. I firmly stand by such mentality. I’d rather use my power and position to do my work efficiently than to create a rift between me and others. And I deeply respect those who do the same.

Not surprisingly, most of the agents on the production floor at work thought I wouldn’t interact much with them as I was a voice and accent trainer. A “TRAINER”, you see, would only hang around with her own team, and other assistant (AM) and deputy managers (DM); being seen around with agents would mar her image and reputation. I shocked them by not only chatting with them casually but also by preferring them to employees senior in age and rank.

Which kinda reminds me of another thing that has been on my mind for a while… (At the cost of sounding pompous, but bound by my commitment to honesty…) I must admit, I’m so gifted! I don’t truly know what it means to really try hard for something. I got good grades in school and college despite studying much lesser than my peers thanks to an above average IQ. Music and rhythm came naturally, so singing and dancing was a cakewalk. Most other things I tried happened as if I had a flair for them. It’s like I was born with the silver spoon determinant of talent and aptitude.

No wonder then that I feel touched when I see folks strive for something, and disappointed when the effort goes waste. I wish things were easier for them.
(Of course, I’ve had my share of bad days when I didn’t ace the scholarship exams in school or didn’t get a strike at the bowling alley. Hardly serious, right?)

Anyway, this was just to say thanks to the lord for blessing me so amply. Love ya, buddy! Good job!

Another thing related to work, and I’ve been told this by more than a few folks, hence sharing it with you. What matters is not performance but perception. The ones who draw attention and project themselves in front of the right people get appreciated more than the individuals slogging backstage. So, ensure that you give the impression that you are doing a lot even if you’re doing zilch. This does not coincide with my values, and I have been unable to use this well-intended suggestion. I’d go as far as to say that this statement upsets, scares and frustrates me. Maybe it could prove beneficial to you…

But not really good for the long run… Right?

Your call…

When I get older, I will be stronger…

- Princess

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Anonymous said...

hey Anuja
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
Interesting insight and my God how People change over time as a result of a promotion..We become big as human being and not due to the result of status..guess gt sumthg to do wid insecurity.My mantra is:dnt wanna grow up n be serious..the childish n cool me suits me:)
Vishal(Insightful post by the way n thk u are in competition with yourself)

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