Thursday, October 13

What's Up !!

All fiction and no personal update make Life… a dull blog

And hence, I present to you what I’ve been upto over the last few days…

(Weeks? Ahem.)

Now where do I begin? When I completed a year at IBM? (May this year.)
The catastrophe that shook me several months ago taking the form of my Lasik surgery at the jerk Darak’s clinic? (July 2011)
Or my Ladakh trip in August?

I think good times make great beginnings. So Ladakh trip it is.

You’ve no doubt seen the many snaps on Facebook and the multiple posts on Leh-Ladakh that I shared for the benefit of hundreds of travel enthusiasts. I must say this again at the risk of sounding redundant, you MUST visit this destination. It’s marvellous. And completely mind-blowing.

September kicked in with a bang – Ganesh Chaturthi brings a cheer to entire humanity.I voluntarily chose to give up non veg cuisine for the 10 days that Ganapati lives with us, but then, anything for Lord Ganesha. He’s after all, granted me everything without my explicit requesting, and he’s also the son of my most favourite and handsome god Shiva.

Did I tell you I finished reading the Secret of the Nagas? While I was extremely appalled and annoyed that Kali and Ganapati could be called Nagas, I loved the book much better than the first. Amish has built up the plot fabulously, and I think the final book will be even grandiose. And controversial.

I also read The (In)eligible Bachelors that was sent to me by BlogAdda to review. It’s a rib-tickling chic lit novel written by the extremely witty and funny Ruchita Misra who believes in writing it as you feel it. However, the detailed assessment belongs to another post, as promised to and requested by Blogadda. Will publish it once they give me the go ahead... But it's not bad at all, for a first timer.

And then of course, Navratri happened. And Dusshera. Many good wishes to you all!
(Psst – read what some folks posted as their FB update on the day of the festival - “Dassera is a gentle reminder of the consequences of fooling around with someone else’s wife”… ROFL!)

The tiresome paintjob at home began then, which is still incomplete. Grrr… There’s just no order and professionalism around this stuff.

Even at the State Bank of India where I had to do something as simple as open a savings account in order to start a PPF account. An hour only to get the form, another half hour for the incompetent woman at the counter to check it, then two weeks for the form to lie around on the desk, only to be entered into the system when I went a third time for an hour. I mean, WTF? I have accounts with HDFC, ICICI and Axis, and not even with one did I have to undergo such an ordeal. Everything was systematic and effortless, not to mention pleasant. Bloody government servants at SBI. No sense of responsibility and zero agility. They ought to be flogged and taught how to EARN a living. By actually using their brain, being good to customers and working hard. Grrr…

But let’s focus on the good (again). I’ve had an eventful fortnight, basically because the first week of October was full of holidays. Club Miami happened, the discotheque in Marriott, very close to my place. As did so many movies. Yippee!!

I’d been wanting to hit Miami for a long time, but opportunity didn’t strike before October 1. I brought in Gandhiji’s birthday at this ostentatious club, where sexy chics flaunted their moves and attire, and average guys boogey-ed with their poisons. The music was so-so till midnight, and then it caught on. The club shuts at about 3 am I believe, which is cool, and even the entry/cover does not burn a hole in the pocket. Plan a trip to Miami this Friday/Saturday if you enjoy nightlife. You won’t be disappointed.

With that off my list, came movies. None planned and all excellent, fortunately. Johny English Reborn, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster, Real Steel and Soundtrack. All worth a watch in this age where most movies are a waste of hard-earned money.

JER stars Rowan Atkinson, that funny serious man more famous (notorious?) as Mr. Bean. While his “charm” remains, the comedy is wittier and thankfully less brainless. I was in splits right from the start right uptil the end. A thoroughly entertaining film with not one dull moment.

SBG was a flick that my movie-hungry friend dragged me to, as I was completely aghast and against watching this pervert-postered enterprise. Surprise surprise. The dialogues and scheme were splendid, and my friend walked out visibly pleased with herself. (Dippi, you still owe me Tere Mere Phere! It’s not Bacche, WOMAN!!!)

Real Steel was real cool. Hugh Jackman is gorgeous and the tiny kid has done a terrific job as well. Robot-fighting is something I’d never watched before, so this movie was very fresh and enjoyable for me. The entire crowd in the theatre was rising in applause and excitement, so you can imagine how impressive the film was.

Soundtrack would’ve been sweeter had it been shorter, but again, good movie.

Not giving you too many details, but as I said, go watch them. They’re not bad at all.

Two great people died within a week (day?) of each other - Steve Jobs and Jagjit Singh. What a loss! RIP, you both. You were magnificent folks, and there shall never be another like you…

Two places I hung out at – Durvankur and Doollally. I know, I know. I can’t mention them in the same vein as they’re poles apart. One’s a Maharashtrian thali food place, the other’s a brewhouse at Corinthians. But both mighty good. Durvankur used to serve better grub earlier, though it still commands endless crowds. Doollally is a place that I’d never graced before, but the ambience (outside) is relaxed and fun. Not to mention they serve their own beer – Bohemian, Wheat, Smoked Ale, Apple Cider – the complete history and trivia of which was explained to me with great enthusiasm by one of their biggest aficionados. Merry company and a delightful evening…

Andddd… Da-da-da!! I’ve joined the Spanish class at SIFIL. FINALLY!! The weekend batch I’ve enrolled for begins Oct 15 and ends Feb 5. Which basically means that there’s gona be no more late Saturday nights for me, but hell, this has been pending long enough! Are you ready to deal with this Senorita, readers?!!

Something interesting that came up the other day. “Half the lies they say about me are not true”. Yogi Berra, an amazingly funny man. Check out his quotes -

So much for fun, now let’s get serious…

I’m taking on a few new initiatives at work. Planning on doing novel things that are exciting me and simultaneously making me nervous. But then, it’s not for nothing that they say - “Someone who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Busy times up ahead!

Obviously shan’t forget you :-)

Gear up for Diwali!

(Bless the Hindu calendar!!)

Muchas Gracias!


Vishal Bheeroo said...

cool stuffs uve been doing.

Princess said...

Indeed :-) And loving it !!!

G'day ahead mate!

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