Saturday, October 1

What makes you smile?

I stumbled upon this question when I was having coffee with a friend the other day.

What happened was… I ordered a Warm Choco-Indulgence pastry and was visibly indulging in it.

Now, I’m used to having an affable fight with my companions over such delightful pleasures (desserts, hookah, chocolates) and therefore, it was no surprise when he didn’t and I was disappointed. I literally had to coax him into taking a bite, and he admitted he wasn’t crazy about chocolate.

So, I asked him “What do you like?”

He said “Everything”.

How I hate that answer. Everything, nothing and don’t know are the laziest answers to give. Either coz you can’t bother to elaborate, or coz you don’t ardently like anything, or more believably, you are yourself unaware of what makes you tick.

All extremely pitiable states, in my opinion.

I mean what is life and individuality if you don’t have the time or inclination to explore yourself?

How can you expect someone else to understand you if you are yourself blissfully oblivious to your likes, dislikes and preferences?

Anyway. To each one his own.

In order to rephrase, to clarify his perspective and aid his process of comprehension and self-discovery, I enquired, “What makes you smile?” and being a trainer that I am, went on to illustrate by giving a few hundred examples…

Long rides?




Gifts and surprises?

Hanging out with friends?


And it finally dawned on him… He slowly replied, “I like riding… but I prefer driving, though I can’t really drive despite having a car at home…”


No problem at all. Completely uncomplicated.

Duh !!!

Really… do you truly have no idea about what you like?

C’mon, teme… what makes you smile?

In the daily rush and monotony of life, have we forgotten what it is to smile for no specific purpose? Or like they showed in “Kal Ho Na Ho”, you only display your pearly whites when you have a solid reason to do so...

Get a life! Find something to smile about. Smile at everything. If nothing else, it at least makes people wonder what you’re upto!

I’m one of those blessed few (touch wood) who can smile at almost anything. In fact, holding my laughter is a bigger challenge on most occasions. I wave at a toddler and make funny faces, I smile empathetically when a colleague is looking particularly stressed or confused, and I smile politely at almost everyone. Doesn’t cost a penny! Makes both of us feel good.

Feels amazing when people walk up to me and say that my smiling face eases them of their worries and makes them feel lighter. Most descriptions for me begin with the word “cheerful”. And I take it as a huge compliment, considering how moody I can be…

Your task for the day - Smile. At the wind. At a passer-by. While driving. At the peon. As you exercise. At the world. Just smile. And let it reach your soul and eyes. I promise it will be one of the most beautiful and memorable days you live…






Vishal Bheeroo said...

Touché! I love this post. In the hum-drum of life we have forgotten to smile. It takes the stress off life. I was like this friend of urs coz I dint know what to say..I would say Dil kholke coz Zindagi Na Milega Dobara.
BTW When I come to India in Dec I need to show you my reviews of movies I wrote as a critic. There are quite a few not many though.

Princess said...

Gracias :-) Read on !!

- Anuja

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