Tuesday, December 15

Rejected by Kellogg


vishal said...

Doesn't matter..one rejection will lead to ten more colleges 4 admission.Sure it hurts when one place we really want to join doesn't happen according to our wishes.
The Almighty probably wishes better things 4 us..n good things happens to good People.
Dhirubhai Ambani n Bill Gates was a Harvard drop-out as well.
U knw wat Anuja,sometimes,I feel ashamed of my writing when I look the way you write.
I'm ashamed that since the past year I've done nthn except working..
u've toppled ur M.A,studied for CAT and now embarking on M.B.A
Keep Rocking

ani_aset said...

>:D< cheer up dear...you will get through something really nice

Princess said...

Thanks guys... But this was the last straw... I've been so stressed and depressed, was carryin on only on this hope...

Won't be here for some time... Thanks again for caring.


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