Monday, December 21

Essential Jodi

Want to talk to you about a burning issue of today. About jodi's made in heaven. Like Heer-Ranjha, Jodha-Akbar, Romeo-Juliet, and the recent Bajirao-Mastani.

Know which jodi is the most powerful of all? Nope, not Radha-Krishna. 

It's Movie-Popcorn. 


You read right: I did say Movies and Popcorn.

Movies and popcorn go hand in hand. Like literally. You walk into the theatre and first head to the popcorn queue to grab a packet of popcorn, with or without a coke or coffee, and then head to your seat to watch the film with the prized eatable in your hand. 

A movie is not complete without the quintessential snack. Be it salted, caramel, cheese or tomato. Be it regular, large or bucket size. Be it with family or alone. 

Movies are not enjoyed without popcorn. 

And yet, we are fleeced as we purchase this lifeline of the silver screen. We measure and applaud box office collections, while conveniently ignoring pantry/canteen collections. Kids and adults alike enjoy munching popcorn no matter who buys it or holds it.

And yet, these business minded cinema owners sell a measly few grams of popcorn for (sometimes) more than the ticket itself! Loot-maari, I tell you. Gross injustice. It's outright robbery and hoodwinking.

I remember when I was a lot younger (I seem to have aged remarkably since my son was born a year ago), we used to get only one variety of popcorn - salted, readily packed and amply sold in all theaters for 15-20 bucks. Buying two was a luxury which we could afford, and it was a great way to celebrate an evening out. Then came the era of the multiplex, where the movie seat was a tad expensive and so was the popcorn, but it still did not burn a hole in the pocket. 

And look what we got now! I watched Dilwale (at my company's expense, thank God) and Bajirao-Mastani (at my hub's) - but both the times I had to buy popcorn and shell out 200 bucks for a teeny weeny packet that was over way before the movie. It's probably as dear as gold in the theatre, where you try to make it last at least halfway through and fail miserably as your partner (who initially indicated that he would not eat any since he doesn't feel like it / doesn't like the flavor / doesn't want to share) digs into it with gusto and doesn't halt until the packet gives way. So much for saving it for later. 

I think it's against humanity to make a profit on something that brings so much happiness to people. Imagine all those parents and boyfriends who strive to make ends meet and then have to deny their kids or girlfriends this simple pleasure. They barely make enough to get tickets, and then to buy popcorn as well... Well.

And then if there are multiple kids, and they want cold drink as well... Double well. And then nothing ends well...

My husband says, popcorn is so important to the experience, and hence it is expensive. 

My earnest urge is, is it so important to the experience, and this exactly why it ought to be cheaper. Spare us all this simple pleasure. You suck away our life and money in a million different ways. Clothes, groceries, fruits and veggies, parking and tolls - you cheat enough anyway. Be generous. Donate in cinemas than in temples. Pay for a free popcorn for the person after you. Let greed pass. Make popcorn more economical if you can. God will bless you, and we shall buy 2 packets instead of one, bringing your profit back to what it was.

And no, reducing the size of the packet is not the answer. 

Popcorn and ice cream always need to be spilling from the sides. That's when you know you've got the right amount. 

Please pretty please. 

Before we all revolt in frustration and desperation. 

Save the popcorn. 

Save us. 



Unknown said...

So true!!!!! Now its better to go stomach full to the theaters. I hate when they charge so much for a single Samosa even...grrrrr!!!!

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Popcorn only add to the movie experience, movies, masti aur popcorn. I loove the sweet one I remember I would hold like a prized possession before entering E Square. I watched Bajirao Mastani and love it. What a cinematic experience..scintillating.

Sumit Chandra Sharma said...

Nice perspective. I never realized that. Coming to profits, I have been shelling out Rs 300-400 on popcorn for every movie that I see... not very far from the ticket price itself. :)

Princess said...

Hello Everyone!

Dear R Patra - Thanks for writing in! The concern is, even with a tummy full, the mind yearns for popcorn. No solution for greed, they say ;-)

Dear Vishal - The sweet one: Caramel - my favorite!! I even dream about it. LOL

Dear Sumit - Welcome to "Life..."! I totally agree with you. It's like a mini heart attack when you see that your munchies and cola cost as much as a dinner for two. Sad times, this Kalyug...

Have a great year guys. May you win a lottery that brings you free movie tickets, popcorn, samosa, hot/cool drinks, and everything else in the cinema pantry.


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