Wednesday, December 16

Annual Day Fun

Well well well...

If it isn't a new month already!

Time's a-flying (as I always say) and we're almost at the end of this year. Crazy ups and terrible lows, we're alive and we're going strong. Woohoo!

What's been up lately...

Since the last time I wrote to you, I have been pretty busy with Annual Day celebrations at my workplace - it's a gala affair with a host of events and competitions. I was the organizer, host and coordinator for the Talent Show event, and the kind of talent that oozed on the stage was no less than what you see on TV shows. There were stunning dances and innovative skits, mesmerizing creative work with sand and puppets, and so much more. The climax was the official party at Irish Village in Koregaon Park last Friday. Here are a few glimpses: 



And now its the festive season with Xmas around the corner. So are Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani!

The new year shall bring new hopes and possibilities for all of us and more happiness and excitement, too. I've been reading Karna's Wife by Kavita Kane and I keep finding myself in Uruvi's shoes every now and then with a husband as gentlemanly and generous (and sometimes misguided) as Radheya.  

There's some additional and enhanced responsibilities that I'll be taking up at work, and then there is my trip to Jammu and Hyderabad in Feb 2016. Planning to pay more attention to my health and hobbies, and enjoy life a little more calmly than trying to do it all aka Superwoman.

Wish you all the luck and more!

See you soon.


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