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Time up - 2013 !!

What’s all this mad banter about Devyani Khobragade?
If we’re only looking for a ‘feel-good’ excuse that protects our belief of self-righteousness and dignity, then we’re sadly mistaken. This issue has been blown up immensely and has zero worth in my eyes.
We’re all worried about how our Indian naari is being treated in the US despite her diplomat status. Headlines are created without using the head. Exactly how stupid is this? And how much do we respect our own countrymen anyway? We hate each other and we discriminate against each other right in our offices and streets. Why then are we so incensed about this incident abroad? Merely to make a political issue out of it?
If we really want to assert our pride and dignity, we should object to China’s repeated invasions. Then we do nothing. Yet a maid in America piques our interest. It’s so depressing. Arvind Kejriwal getting sworn in as the new CM is a news to celebrate, but everything else about India and politics is a sham.
Speaking of …

Letter To a Lonely Heart

This is a really ancient post... and considering that the person I wrote it for is neither in touch nor will ever be, I think it's okay to post it, as fiction if we're not comfortable with owning up to its reality. 
Just to let us know that people who don't deserve love need it the most, and people who seem tough outside are really warm when you get to know them... So give everyone a second chance... And for some, give them at least one chance rather than staying hard and haughty. 
Hey XYZ,

We haven’t been talking for some time now. For reasons best known to you and not completely unfamiliar to me. But that doesn’t mean you’ve been off my mind. Though obviously I’ve not quite figured in your scheme of things. The happy-go-lucky and pragmatic chap that you are…
However, the last time you really opened up to me remains etched in my memory like a scratch on a rock. You told me about yourself. About who you really were and what you’ve been through. I remember you asking me once …

Happy Holidays and Occasions

Hi My Lovelies,

The festive season is here and most of you must be having a gala time enjoying the winter (if you're on this side of the globe). Pune's freezing and sultry at different times of the day and night, but overall it's a fairly pleasant phase of the year. Christmas and New Year is around the corner. I wish you loads of luck and laughter all the year round!

On that very formal note, let me also tell you that my Uncle (Abba) celebrated his 67th birthday last week. This wonderful occasion was also complemented by his housewarming function. To express my love and gratitude, I wrote a poem for him, which I shall share here: 

A birthday is a special day to celebrate, All the good and better things that life has bestowed on us. But it is made even more special, By stepping into a house made with a lot of hope and a little fuss.
I see you and your strength, And I know there is a tender man within. Somebody who had made me who I am, You have been a father and guide to me through …