Tuesday, December 17

Happy Holidays and Occasions

Hi My Lovelies,

The festive season is here and most of you must be having a gala time enjoying the winter (if you're on this side of the globe). Pune's freezing and sultry at different times of the day and night, but overall it's a fairly pleasant phase of the year. Christmas and New Year is around the corner. I wish you loads of luck and laughter all the year round!

On that very formal note, let me also tell you that my Uncle (Abba) celebrated his 67th birthday last week. This wonderful occasion was also complemented by his housewarming function. To express my love and gratitude, I wrote a poem for him, which I shall share here: 

A birthday is a special day to celebrate,
All the good and better things that life has bestowed on us.
But it is made even more special,
By stepping into a house made with a lot of hope and a little fuss.

I see you and your strength,
And I know there is a tender man within.
Somebody who had made me who I am,
You have been a father and guide to me through thick and thin.

All those precious moments,
That I spent with you laughing, fighting and learning;
Shine like sparkling stars on my mind,
I thank God for you, you’re my superstar, youthful and rocking.

As a child you taught me to read,
You nurtured my passion for books and education.
I cherish you with all my heart,
I can never forget your kindness and motivation.

We have had our ups and downs,
Strong bonds have times of quiet and noise.
Your successes have been mine,
And yours have been my joys.

I can’t promise that I will always make you happy,
There will be new reasons to rejoice and argue every day.
But one thing is certain, I shall adore you,
Even though our feelings we may not say. 

I wish you all the happiness,
On this day and forever.
May your heart be filled with satisfaction and peace,
My prayers are with you ever after.

More than comforts, I wish you care.
More than pretty walls, I wish you a life fair.
More than fancy accessories, I wish you success.
More than decorative paintings, I wish you happiness.

Make your new home your castle,
We hope you now relax and put your feet up.
You deserve it!!

Happy Birthday and Merry Housewarming! 

* The last 2 paragraphs were inspired from the net and edited to suit the context.

Needless to say, everyone who read it loved it. I haven't written poetry in donkey's years - just don't get the time to write anymore - call it laziness or busy-ness. But this special day sure required me to let my creative juices flow. After all, he was the one that encouraged the budding poet and writer in me.

Wish him a long, healthy and happy life... and wish you all the same, too!

Cheers and see you soon!

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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Anuja! It's an absolutely beautiful, heart warming poem and perfect tribute to Abba-ji:) The poem is a sheer delight and wish your uncle on my part.

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