Friday, June 19

Nayi Leher (=New Wave)


This shriek of delight comes courtesy my first swimming lesson. YES!! I've finally taken some constructive action towards one of my goals in life... And boy, am I HAPPY!!! I was peeing my pants thinking about how I'll make a fool of myself and be the laughing stock of the entire clan... But hey, it wasn't bad at all... I have a wonderful Sir (atleast he's nice as of now; strict though!) I did very well on the first day, and I was delighted when the coach exclaimed to another learner that "Just coz she's doing it, does not mean you should be able to do it!" I was never slow you know ;-) It's great to be the student for a change... Been a trainer too long!!!

Climbing Chamundi Hill is an tedious ascent for me. I bought the book thinking it would have mythological stories that would be as interesting as the Mahabharata. However, this one is more like the Panchatantra or Vikram-Betal tales. There are short stories laden with religious and moralistic meaning; not exactly my cuppa tea, but I hate leaving books midway (the only ones I ever left are the Monk who sold his Ferrari and Tuesdays with Morrie - both philosophical and religious... No self-help novels for me, dudes!!) So, I'm stuggling to finish a few pages everyday... Waiting to end it and start Grisham's The Associate. And if it disappoints me, heaven save you all :-D

The news hogging newspaper headlines is racist attacks on Indians in Australia. Whats the big deal fellas? Don't we all know that everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY hates Indians?!! In fact, even Indians hate Indians... So, lets just quit all the smart comments. I really dunno whats it about us folks that bothers the rest of the world. But hey, until the time we become a super power, lets just keep our traps shut... Lets at least not wreck the peace of our countrymen. The foreigners are doing a great job of it already....

The other news is that the Splitsvilla series is over - Siddharth and Sakshi won! Unbelievable.. But somehow I think they will host an MTV show better than overconfident Joanna and extra-dumb Mohit...

Another programme I saw recently on TV was Agent Love, where Juhi goes around playing matchmaker for people too shy to express their love. Madame Cupid helps these lovers to profess their feelings and get them hooked up. While its cute to propose to your loved one this way, I also can't help thinking that it could be SO embarassing! Just like what transpired at my friend's bro's engagement 2 weeks ago. The sweet guy sang for his beloved fiancee and I saw that while she was elated, she was blushing like a peach! PDA (Public Display of Affection) can be so adorable at times, and so revolting at others... Guess it's about the way you do it... I don't know how I'd feel if I were to experience sucha scene... But I'm game ;-) As I always say... try everything in life once... except drugs... 

Well, for those interested in me (LOL... that sounds corny!), the news is that my work's going OK. I do basic English training for a group of 6 students every afternoon and a personal coaching for an advanced professional on alternate evenings. Some days are astonishingly amazing, and then there are those lethargic sessions when all I wana do is run away screaming and not look back!! There's this young gal in my batch who surprised us all by letting go her silent demeanor on Friday and talking nonstop. This week, she's back to her
shant svabhav... And then there are others... All unique in their own right... The point is, it's fun... And I'm not missing my full-time job one bit!! 

I was fooling around on FC Road on Sunday, and I happened to pass by Ashish Plaza that hosts different sales throughout the year. I'm not sure how, but they manage to draw humongous crowds whatever the product. The product in question on this particular ocassion happened to be Jockey merchandise. People were flocking in droves to get their hands on the stuff!! Men and women, adults and children - everyone was purchasing
chaddis and ganjis as if this was the last ever source of undergarments on Earth! ROFL... The checkout queue was well over 2 miles long!!

Reminded me of the solar eclipse thats happening on July 22, a day before my birthday :-D (Hinty-hint!) This is supposed to be the last solar eclipse that we shall see in this lifetime. The next one will happen after 105 years... Lord, my bday's so much better. It occurs once every year!! And it could happen oftener, I sure don't mind :-P

Awritey... I gotta go, but you guys keep coming back... And leave me your notes so I know you've been here... Love to hear from you... And I mean YOU...

"Gliding" Princess

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