Friday, October 8


You confessed how much you love me,

And how I mean to you, the world,

You draw me close, so gently,

Turning mine upside down.

Your body beneath my touch,

Shimmering like a jewel,

My breath, rugged and hard,

I'm feeling ecstatic, wild, drunk,

Basking in your bewitching warmth.

Nothing means more than you to me,

I hope it lasts forever, this moment,

So perfect, so divine,

Where I'm yours, you're mine.

A shiver runs down my spine,

Threatening to make me lose control,

Each word you say sounds magical,

Every sound echoes in my veins,

I could just as well be your shadow,

You've got total control,

I don't belong to me no more.

The way you look at me, that smile,

That wonder, glorified,

As if I'm the air you breathe,

And the last drop on the parched sand,

You grasp me tight, that wicked embrace,

I feel pain, I'm safe, 

Surrounded by your love,

That you won't tire of professing,

Day after day after yet another day.

Is this a dream come true,

Is this my destiny coming alive,

The love that I yearned for,

Is finally all mine.

- Princess

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